Teacher Appreciation Letter from Student Writing Rule and Sample

Teacher Appreciation Letter from Student Writing Rule and Sample

Teachers put generous effort into preparing and giving lessons to their students, however sometimes the contribution is failed to be noticed. It’s not rare for students to not realize just how much energy and time that their teachers provide, especially with specific assistances and helps that they often need. Use teacher appreciation letter from student to let them know that their efforts are not overlooked.

69 Teacher Appreciation Letter from Student

What Do You Write in A Teacher Appreciation Letter?

There are some messages that may be included inside the appreciation letter for teacher, such as:

  • The helps that the teachers give throughout the academic year
  • The understandable topic due to teachers’ effort to explain it
  • The motivation and encouragement they give
  • The skills they teach that can be applied outside of classroom
  • The lesson that can help the students in higher education level or workplace

How Do You Say Thank You to A Teacher from A Student?

There is nothing better than expressing your gratitude in the sincere way. The teachers have guided you through the tough time of learning process, and you may remind them of how much impact they have even after the classes are ended or the students have graduated from the school.

What Is the Best Message for Teacher?

Only handful professions in the world that deserve to receive stacks of complements like teachers. Teaching is a work that extends school time and the breaks: it must be performed with heart. Simply sending the appreciation letter is a great way to let the teacher know that you’ve acknowledged their efforts, compassions, kindness, and patience.

How Do You Thank a Teacher Virtually?

Although nothing probably can beat the sentiment of handwritten letter, you may also use email if it’s not possible to send your teacher a physical letter. Write specifically of how the teacher has impact you through the lesson and guidance they gave inside the email and you may be as detailed as you want to be.

Example of Teacher Appreciation Letter

Below is one sample of teacher appreciation letter from student:


Dear Mr. Peterson,

This letter is written to tell you of just how much I appreciate the guidance, lesson, and help that you’ve given me during high school. Not only you give a helping hand to choose my direction academically, but also socially as I avoided some situations that may affect my future in negative way.

I know that words may not be sufficient to show gratitude from the bottom of my heart. I still remember how lost I feel when it comes to chemistry, and I feel so discouraged in class. Thanks to your help, now I have understood and even grew a liking for the subject.

I have found a firmer ground for myself now that I’ve graduated and entered my college years, so I want to express my gratitude for your teaching and kindness. May you know just how special you are for the students that you’ve taught during your time.

Yours sincerely,

Kathleen Anderson


Teachers may receive appreciation from their peers and colleagues, but the ones from students will remain as the best from them. So, go ahead and write teacher appreciation letter from student to send your love for them.


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