Teacher Retirement Letter Information, Examples and More  

Teacher Retirement Letter Information, Examples and More   

At some points, a teacher must be able to write teacher retirement letter. It is the letter to mark the end of teaching journey. For those who have no idea how to write one, read the example here.

16 Teacher Retirement Letter

What is Teacher Retirement Letter?

This is the type of letter you send to a principal of a school informing them that you are about to retire from a teaching position in the school. It is like mandatory and every teacher needs to pen down the letter before retiring,


How Do I Write a Letter of Retirement Request?

Writing the letter telling that you are retiring as teacher is not something to do in last-minute situation. The letter must be planned and they should be planned really well. Why so? There will be tons of people getting affected by the retirement, especially the students. This is why the letter must be written very properly. To write the proper retirement letter, here are some tips:

  • Write in a good, clear and easy-to-understand language
  • State the main reason behind the resignation
  • Show gratitude for the teaching opportunity over the years
  • State what you are going to be doing after the resignation


How Do You Resign from a Teaching Post?

The only thing you need to retire from the position is the retirement letter. It has to be sent as early as possible to the principal of the school.


How Do You Write a Letter Asking for a Teacher?

You can ask for a replacement teacher by stating it very clearly in the teacher retirement letter.


Sample of Teacher Retirement Letter

If you are in need to write the retirement letter, you clearly need an example. The example should be found below to help you out:


October 2, 2020


Jasmine Olin

Principal of Baynton School

Dagger 68 St,

Richmond, TX, 28169


Dear Mr. Olin,


This letter is to inform you that I have decided to retire from my teaching position in Baynton School. For the last two decades, starting from 2001, I have teaching art and craft subject here in this school and it has been a wonderful experience for my whole teaching career.


However, all good things must come to an end. As I understand that the limit of age to teach in this school is no older than 60 years old. I am approaching the age of 60 by the end of year and I have decided not to come back to my teaching position in the following academic year.


It is hard for me to let go the opportunity of teaching wonderful students here and working with the other amazing teachers and staff here at Baynton School. I hope they can accept my resignation and that I have left great impression for them all.


I am looking forward to talk about this in person with you and I will be ready for the administrative and so on very soon. Thank you very much for understanding and for all the opportunities I received over the years.



Martha Ward


That is the example and the things you should know about teacher retirement letter so that you can pen down a proper one next time.


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