Elementary Teacher Recommendation Letter Writing Guide and Sample

Elementary Teacher Recommendation Letter Writing Guide and Sample

Elementary teacher recommendation letter is written to provide information about characteristics, skills, and achievements of a particular individual who applies for teacher position. It is typically used if the teacher is looking for employment, with the writer being another teacher or principal in their prior school, or even their former professor.

65 Elementary Teacher Recommendation Letter

How Do You Write A Recommendation Letter for An Elementary Teacher?

The recommendation letter for teacher must be written in formal tone and professional format. It has to be tailored for the specific teacher that applied for position in elementary school. The letter must provide relevant details related to the candidate’s skills to make their acceptance chance is higher, with clear examples of their achievements and talents.

How Do You Format A Letter of Recommendation?

Below is the format order for recommendation letter:

  • Letterhead: Contains the date, writer’s full name and title, and their school name
  • Introduction: Contains information about the writer and the applicant
  • Body paragraphs: Contains information about the candidates, such as their skills, contributions, and roles in prior school
  • Conclusion: Contains the repetition of recommendation and some contact details of the writer

How Long Should an Elementary Teacher Recommendation Letter Be?

Recommendation letter’s length will depend on how close the writer and the applicant. However, it shouldn’t exceed one page, with information that’s easy to read about applicant’s positive traits and characters that make them a good educator.

What Is A Good Elementary Teacher Recommendation Letter?

A good recommendation letter is the one that gives strong sense of the applicants. It lays out the beneficial personality and the personal strength. Even if it’s written professionally, the information should be personal because it shows that the writer and the recommended person are familiar enough to create an insightful letter.

Sample of Recommendation Letter for Elementary Teacher

Read this example of elementary teacher recommendation letter:


To Whom It May Concern,

I am, Charlotte Moore, the principal of Bayshore Elementary School with 12 years of experience at this field. I write with nothing but pleasure, in order to recommend James Wilson as history teacher in Crestview Elementary School.

Mr. Wilson had served his time here for about four years. During the time, he shown outstanding talents to teach and manage in classroom. He is enthusiastic about developing creative learning style for the students, such as making a timeline game for explaining the basic of WW II history to the children.

Due to his excellent ability, positive attitude, and tenacious character, Mr. Wilson was definitely a joy to work with. I don’t doubt that he will suit to fill position in your school, by presenting his experiences and skills to make a great applicant. As he was an asset to our school, there’s a huge chance he also becomes one in yours.

Please do contact me if you have anything to discuss or ask. I have attached my email address and phone number with this letter.

Best regards,

Charlotte Moore

Bayshore Elementary School Principal


You may refer to the guide above to write and format elementary teacher recommendation letter. The sample will also help to inspire you on what to write and include inside the letter.


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