Subcontractor Termination Letter and the Proper Way to Write It

Subcontractor Termination Letter and the Proper Way to Write It

A subcontractor termination letter should be written by the client or by the main contractors of the project. In construction industry, subcontractors are like the secondary contractor to hire in order to finish the project. What if the subcontractors are no longer satisfying in performance-wise? Well, you have to terminate them, and this letter is how you do that.

96 Subcontractor Termination Letter

How Do I Terminate A Subcontractor?

You have to do everything according to the contract and the paperwork. If necessary, you also have to consult the legal team of the project to make sure that terminating the subcontractor won’t end up in bitter battle at court.

How Do I Write A Letter To Terminate A Contractor?

This is how you write the letter. It won’t make anyone offended and you can walk away easily.

  • Write the letter in good language
  • State the reason behind the termination
  • Contact the legal team and state the intention in the letter

How Do You Write A Termination Email To A Vendor?

Email is just like letter. The only different thing is that it is written digitally. You can still use the template for example below to write the letter. It should work great as email as well.

How Do You Acknowledge A Termination Letter?

If you are the subcontractor or the one being terminated, you have to reply or acknowledge the letter. Maybe it is hard to do but you still have to do that. You can do it by doing these things:

  • Reply the letter immediately
  • Investigate the accident/ the reason for the termination
  • Contact your own legal team and consult about the paperwork

Sample of Subcontractor Termination Letter

This is the subcontractor termination letter example that you can use. It is simple yet very easy to understand. Here they are:

October 20, 2020


Hubert Cone

Hawick and Son Construction

Pick 5 St,

Lambert, TH, 2312


Dear Mr. Cone,

My name is Mathew Farms. I am the representation of Thomas Thorne Construction Company. At this moment, Thomas Throne Construction has the working relationship with Hawick and Son Construction in the project of Lambert Elementary School building renovation.

Thomas Throne Construction has received complaints from the school about the dissatisfying result of the toilet ongoing installment. Our team has examined the problem and found out that the specific part of the project is done by Hawick and Son Construction team as the subcontractor in this project.

We do not want the entire project to get ruined because of incidents like this. This is why we have decided that Thomas Throne Construction won’t continue the working relationship with Hawick and Son Construction.

Please contact our legal team for the paperwork.



Tamara Greek


There is no need to put any project in jeopardy. All you have to do is basically write the letter and get rid of the contractor. Use the letter above to do that. You do not have to think about the structure and content all the time because the example of subcontractor termination letter above has everything already.


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