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Medical Assistant Reference Letter Writing Tips

A medical assistant reference letter should be written by the right professional in order to provide more credibility on the candidate successfully. The medical assistant can either be a recent graduate of a vocational institution who wishes to start a career, or the candidate can be a medical assistant seeking a position change.

2 Medical Assistant Reference Letter

What Should You Say in a Reference Letter?

Be it for a medical assistant position or other types of jobs, all the essential instruments you should include in a reference letter are basically the same. If the letter is sending by email, it should have a clear subject line that consists of the applicant’s name, the position you’re applying for, and why you’re sending the letter.

How Do You Write a Professional Letter of Reference?

Here are the basic formats of writing a professional reference letter:

  • Always start the letter with your name, position, institution, address, and contact details.
  • Include the date you’re sending the letter, the name of the recipient, title, institution, and address.
  • Start the letter by expressing salutation and followed by the body letter.

How to Write a Good Reference Letter?

Follow the following tips to write a good recommendation letter for a medical assistant:

  • Provide information for how well you know the candidate—the closer your professional relationship with them, the better the reference letter.
  • Give details for why you highly recommend the applicant. Consider providing the candidate’s achievements as it will strengthen the recommendation letter.
  • Offer the opportunity to speak more with the letter’s recipient.

How Do I Write a Letter of Reference for a Medical Assistant?

Should there be a student who asks you to write a medical assistant reference letter, here are the things that must be included in the letter:

  • In addition to providing details of your relationship with the applicant and why you recommend them, it will always be a good idea to include the contributions they will make to the facility.
  • Include the positive traits and credentials of the applicant.
  • Provide the results of their previous work.

The Sample of a Medical Assistant Reference Letter

Dear Dr. Chilton,

It is an honor to write the letter of reference for Ariadne Black, who has been my student at Johns Hopkins Medical School for three years. Ariadne was one of my remarkable students in my class for the last three years.

Ariadne is a conscientious and committed student who succeeds in obtaining an A grade in all her tests. She did not only do incredibly well in tests, but she also showed herself to be a committed person to volunteer work in the school laboratory and to provide volunteer services for local facilities.

Additionally, Ariadne has published a paper about improving primary care in the country, which has been an utter credit. I believe that she will be a great medical assistant. She has the excellent capability to draw out thoughtful opinions on many different issues because of her own expertise and observations.

I strongly recommend Ariadne for the medical assistant position at Johns Hopkins Hospital. I am confident that she will make a great addition to your esteemed facility. Should there be any questions, please contact me at 999-999-9999.

Best Regards,

James Barner, M.D.


A medical assistant reference letter should be perfectly composed; thus, take the time to evaluate the letter’s whole structure.

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