How to Write Teacher Resignation Letter to Parents

How to Write Teacher Resignation Letter to Parents

It is one of teachers’ errands to communicate with student’s parents routinely. It helps them to keep track of what’s happening in school and their children’s progress. Now, if you are a teacher and you happened to resign, it’s a good thing to keep the trend and send teacher resignation letter to parents to inform them about the occurrence.

12 Teacher Resignation Letter to Parents

How Do You Tell Parents Your Leaving as Teacher?

Resignation letters, as the name tells, is written with the aim to announce intention to leave a specific position. The main purpose of this letter is to notify other persons about your leaving, but it could also be used to keep positive relations by giving good last impression to the recipient.

How Do You Write a Goodbye Letter to Parents?

In the teacher resignation letter to parents, inform that you won’t be longer teaching at the school. Write about how you’ve enjoyed working to teach the children and they will be missed greatly. You may want to tell them to contact you if they have any questions and give short information about the replacement teacher. Then sign it off with the best wishes and thank the parents for understanding.

How Does a Teacher Write a Letter of Resignation for a School?

  • You should declare the reason behind your resignation within the letter – it’s the key part of the letter.
  • Format the letter in formal way, by using letterhead and starting it with formal salutation to the recipient.
  • If you want, you may go into detail about your resignation plan.
  • Don’t forget to include your gratitude and appreciation as well throughout being teacher there.

What is Your Message to Parents as Teacher?

You may write positive wishes to the students after your leave. To make sure that you’ve included all the things you want to say, make a list of them, divide the listed things into paragraph, and build them into smoothly flowed sentences. Even though the letter is formatted formally, it’s good to write in approachable tone, especially if you want to maintain the communication.

Sample of Resignation Letter from Teacher to Parents

Take a look at the sample below.


Dear Mr. /Mrs. /Ms. (Parent’s name),

It’s with huge regret that I should send this letter in order to inform you about my upcoming resignation as English teacher in Lakewood High School. I should move to Louisiana because of my parents’ health have gotten worse and they need intensive care.

Teaching your children has been a joy to me. Their cheerfulness and interest during the classes have made time flies by. I’m also delighted to inform you that Mrs. Wright will be the new English teacher for your children.

There’s no doubt I will miss the children. I wish them all the best. If you ever need to reach me, you may contact the school and send me message through them, or just contact me directly through the attached e-mail address.


Best Regards,

(Your name)


Writing teacher resignation letter to parents might seem so daunting. By looking at the sample, you can get guidance of how to properly communicate your feelings, thoughts, and information professionally.





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