Financial Aid Appeal Letter and Its Important Aspects

Financial Aid Appeal Letter and Its Important Aspects

We cannot predict such life events when those happen and hit us hard. Such events will come without any notice, and it may ruin our financial condition as well. Such major life event can also happen when you are applying for a financial aid for your study. If you think the granted amount of financial aid is not sufficient, then you can write a financial aid appeal letter to ask for additional aid.

26 Financial Aid Appeal Letter

What Is a Financial Aid Appeal Letter?

A financial aid appeal letter is a kind of letter written in order to request for a better offer of financial aid. This is often requested due to any major life event in the family that altered someone’s financial condition.

Can I Appeal My Financial Aid Package?

Well, although it seems like the college/school doesn’t give out money; when your reason of appeal is understandable, oftentimes your institution will reassess your condition. It may also lead to you getting a little extra money.

How Long Does It Take for a Financial Aid Appeal?

Well, the answer varies among institutions. But you can expect for a newly-made decision within one month. Otherwise, your appeal may be rejected due to some reasons.

What Should I Write in My Financial Aid Appeal Letter?

An appeal letter should include an explanation – a brief one – about what hardships you are currently facing that makes you think you deserve additional amount of aid. However, it is important not to fake the reason. Keep it real and not dramatic while explaining your hardships.

Financial Aid Appeal Letter Sample

Dear Mrs. Addison,

I would like to express my gratitude for being able to get the financial aid for the completion of my master degree in AAA University; with a total of $15,000 annually. AAA University has been the only one choice I ever thought of and I believe that I can attend the best master program here, focusing in Biomedical studies.

However, with that amount of money offered, I cannot afford more without any additional financial assistance. I am writing this appeal because according to my financial aid application, I had to list any inheritance I received from my parents as income. After their passing, I inherited $10,000; but I have already spent this money to pay for my sister’s treatment for her terminal illness.

Therefore, currently I have not enough income to cover up the school fee. I work as a biology teacher in a high school, but my current income is only enough to cover our (my younger brother and my) living expenses.

That would be tremendously helpful if the team could reassess and reconsider my application without needing my parent’s inheritance as income. It would be a great pleasure for me to be able to receive $20,000 annually; so that I can attend the master degree program in AAA University.

It will be such an honor to me to discuss regarding this matter further. I am available to be contacted by phone at 778-09998 or email: Thank you for your time and consideration regarding this matter.


Amanda Smith


That is how to write a financial aid appeal letter. It is important to keep the letter polite, not wordy, and more importantly, free of improper grammatical aspects. Remember that you need to keep that professional tone while writing the whole letter.





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