Dentist Recommendation Letter Information and How to Write It

Dentist Recommendation Letter Information and How to Write It

Writing a dentist recommendation letter is usually done by the dean or lecturer to recommend a student to a dental company of places. To write the letter successfully, there are several things that you need to know. Find out about them below.

56 Dentist Recommendation Letter

How Do I Ask My Dentist for a Recommendation Letter?

Asking for recommendation letter is not going to be easy when you have bad attitude. You can ask for the letter as long as you know the professors well and that you have a quite good record in the classes or during the internship.

Who is the Best Person to Write a Letter of Recommendation?

There are a lot of people who can write dentist recommendation letter. Several of the suggestions are including:

  • Dean of the dentistry program in the university/school
  • Lecturers from the dentistry classes
  • Head or owner of a local dental center

Is It OK to Write Your Own Letter of Recommendation?

No, it is never okay to write your own recommendation letter. It is like a fraud because you recommend yourself in the letter. The one writing the letter must be those whose positions are above you.

How Many Letters of Recommendation Do You Need for Dental School?

Usually it takes only one letter for dental school. You do not need to look for two or even more letters to get into the school. As long as the recommendation letter is written legitimately, you will be able to enroll to dental school.

Sample of Dentist Recommendation Letter

For the example, you can take a look at the example below to find out the right format of the letter:


August 14, 2020


Taylor Green

Green and Son Dental Co.

Hackson 72, St

Savannah, CA, 2819


Dear Mr. Green,


I am writing to you this letter to recommend one of the finest students of mine. Her name is James Kellen. Mr. Kellen is currently finishing his dental study at the University of Jacksonville. He is a very talented and skilled student and I believe that he has a bright future in the dental industry.

He is currently interested in taking the internship program offered by Green and Son Dental Co. With this letter, I am stating a recommendation for you to consider Mr. Kellen as the candidate for the internship.

I do believe that the skill that Mr. Kellen has along with this great personality will be suitable for the internship program. Mr. Kellen has the current GPA of 3.7 and that alone is quite enough to prove that he is an intelligent person.

If you need any question about Mr. Kellen, feel free to contact me.



Hubert Clam, Ph.D

Dean of Dentistry Program

University of Jacksonville

When you have the letter of recommendation in your hand, it is like having a great arsenal to get through the dentistry world. Make sure that you are worth of everything and that your dean and professors are willing to write you a dentist recommendation letter.



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