Thank You Resignation Letter to Coworkers to Express Appreciation and Gratitude

Thank You Resignation Letter to Coworkers to Express Appreciation and Gratitude

Sending a gratitude note or letter is not always necessary when you are going to leave a job. However, there are some circumstances in which it’d be appropriate to give the letter to your coworkers or direct upper management. Learn how you are able to write a great thank you resignation letter to coworkers here to show your sincere gratitude during the time of your employment there.

70 Thank You Resignation Letter to Coworkers

How Do You Express Gratitude to Colleagues?

It can be hard sometimes to show your earnest appreciation for colleagues when you are about to leave the company. Part of it may be because of their much supports and helps, gift, or hard works. Giving some appreciations by giving them messages, even as short as it is, can be done through text, card, e-mail or letter to let them know how much of the efforts are appreciated.

How Do You Say Thank You to Coworkers When Leaving A Job?

It is common to send thank you and farewell message for your coworkers at office through email. It might be sent simultaneously to several people including your team, manager, supervisor, or boss. If the person is especially close to you, then you may want to opt for handwritten letter instead, as it feels more personal and leave bigger impact to the recipient.

How Do You Write A Professional Thank You Email?

Regardless of the means you choose to send the letter, it should at least contain several components below:

Proper addressing to the recipient

The news about your resignation

Your gratitude

The specific instances (if sent personally)

Your final reiteration over the gratitude

Sign-off for the letter

How Do You Say Thank You to Your Boss?

For a gratitude letter you write upon resignation, it is best to write it sincerely to express how much you appreciate the time working in the company. It may depend on your circumstances or preferences, but you can give them reminder of the first time you’re working there, and how you’ve grown professionally. Send it along with at least single example of the opportunity and experience you have gained since.

Sample of Gratitude Notes before You’re Resigning from A Job

Here is an example of thank you resignation letter to coworkers that may give you inspiration to write yours:


Dear (coworker’s name),

As you may have known, I prepare to move from our company to start a new journey in another. I realized of how lucky I am for the last three years by working with wonderful team and meet such great co-workers here.

I am excited for a fresh beginning in other place, but I cannot help but feel some sadness as well. I want you to know how it has become a privilege for me to work and represent this company, in which everyone works their best to ensure optimum service to the clients.

Please accept this attempt of mine at expressing gratitude, for all the experiences and memories back then. I wish only the best for your future endeavor.

Yours sincerely,

(Your name)


There are plenty of ideas and inspirations of thank you resignation letter to coworkers you can draw from internet. They will help you to create a unique and remarkable gratitude expression for your work colleagues.


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