College Acceptance Letter Example and How to Respond It

College Acceptance Letter Example and How to Respond It

Receiving college acceptance letter is like a dream comes true for many students, especially by those who have the full intention to go to college right after high school. This is why when the letter arrives; you should know how to respond to them. On contrary, if you are the one writing the letter, you also need to know the proper way to pen it down. The full information about it is below.


When Should I Expect My College Acceptance Letter?

In most universities, acceptance letter is sent to the soon-to-be students in less than 2 weeks after the end stage of enrollment.

Do College Acceptance Letters Come in the Mail?

In a modern day like this, sending the letter via post mail is getting less popular. Email is used instead to send the letter. Responding to an email is basically like sending an actual letter, but it takes less hassle and it should be done quicker.

How Do You Write a College Acceptance Letter?

If you are the one writing the letter or addressing the college acceptance letter to the students, you will have to make sure the letter informs them properly about the program that they have been successfully enrolled. Also, attach the current phone number and email address in the letter, so they have someone to call if they find any obstacles.

How Do You Politely Decline a College Acceptance?

If you are the one receiving the letter, and you have to write it back, whether it is to accept or decline, these are several requirements that you need the letter to be. Make sure the letter is written in this particular way, so the university won’t get offended at all.

  • Respond immediately
  • Express your gratitude
  • Use proper language
  • Attach the original letter
  • Include your current phone number and address

College Acceptance Letter Sample

The full example of the letter should be seen below:


October 2, 2020


John May

Jacksonville Rd, 7

Glandys, NJ, 97201


Dear Mr. May,

I am writing to you on behalf of the Mercury University. I am informing you that you have been accepted to our program for the new 2021 semester. You will be studying English Language and Literature program in Mercury University in pursuit of a Bachelor’s Degree.

We are very impressed by your academic history and achievements so far and we do believe that you will be a great asset for our program and university. We are also fully aware that you have joint several international student exchanges programs and we found that very impressing.

This letter includes several enrollment forms and needed documentations that you have to prepare. Please fill them out and send it back to use in no later than two weeks. If you have any questions, feel free to content (718)-727-726 or email me.

We are looking forward to hearing back from you soon.


Susan Donovan

Recruiting Director, Mercury University


That’s the college acceptance letter explanation which you need to know. Write it properly, and no one will get agitated about the letter at all.







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