Write Restaurant Apology Letter Professionally

Write Restaurant Apology Letter Professionally

Restaurant is a place that person can enjoy a meal with a very good service. However, in some ways, there might be mistake made by the restaurant. Whether the mistake comes from the poor service or food, restaurant apology letter is always acceptable to be released to customers. It can maintain the relationship and professionalism.

33 Restaurant Apology Letter

What is Restaurant Apology Letter?

Apology letter is released by restaurant to the customer that’s expressing an apology for not being able to provide a professional service. This letter is usually written responding the customer’s disappointment of the restaurant service.

How Do You Apologize to A Restaurant Customer?

It is always great to realize mistake to advance the level of professionalism. The letter composition should be formal with a true tone.

Moreover, you should ensure it sounds intimate, with the goal that the client realizes you are expressing the apology and mind about what happened. You might need to incorporate an offer for whenever they visit your eatery as an offer of conciliatory sentiment.

How Do You Write A Letter of Apology for A Bad Service?

A decent sentiment letter to a client for unprofessional service should be explicit, compassionate and with a clarification.

You have to state and recognize client or customer’s expectation for visiting the restaurant, but some bad service happened. This part will give a great tone of apology that your costumer will understand.

Format and What to Include in the Letter

A letter of apologize has to include format that are recommended to be followed.

In the opening after putting the salutation, you need first to express your regret by elaborating the reason and condition when and why it happened.

State the outcome of what your customer may feel and say you will take action to improve the service.

Ensure this unprofessionalism will not appear in the future, and close the restaurant apology letter by reaffirming your regret.

Sample of Restaurant Apology Letter

Dear Mr. Louis, 

I comprehend that on December 23, 2020, when you were visiting at our café in Three Star Avenue, you encountered a terrible setback which brought about nourishment being spilled on your jacket. This incident may result from much trouble, and please sincerely acknowledge my genuine regret. 

We all staff understand the occurrence of the mishap. Sadly, the team on the job at the time didn’t represent our client care strategy. I have examined the event with those staffs and have planned client relations re-training for them. Likewise, please send the laundry bill for your jacket straightforwardly to me. We will recompense for the expense. 

I trust you will acknowledge my sincerest expression of remorse. We have made all moves imaginable to guarantee the incident will not be happening again in the future. Again, please accept my statements of regret for the occurrence.  

Yours Truly, 

Sam Langdon


That is the explanation of how you can compose a professional and excellent restaurant apology letter. It is always excellent to modify the current situation and incident you are facing along with its solution.


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