Details of Resignation Letter Due to Personal Reasons

Details of Resignation Letter Due to Personal Reasons

Writing resignation letter due to personal reasons is not an easy thing. It is hard to resign from a job that you love. However, if it has to happen, you need to pen a letter for sure. This example here is the letter to inform your company about your immediate leaving.


How Do I Write a Resignation Letter Due to Personal Reasons?

To write a good letter of resignation based on personal reason, you have to make sure the letter is following these requirements. It should make the letter legitimate and proper to be sent to the company.

  • Give a clear reason to resign
  • Explain the back story briefly
  • Use proper language
  • Send the letter ahead of time
  • Make sure the reason is legitimate

What are Personal Reasons for Leaving a Job?

Some of the most common personal reasons to leave a job are:

  • Health problems
  • Family conflicts
  • Moving out of state
  • Divorces

When to Send the Resignation Letter Due to Personal Reasons?

A lot of companies have the policy of one month notice. It means if you want to resign, you need to send the letter at least a month before the intended last/final day at work. If your company has this policy as well, write the letter way in advanced.

How Do I Resign Due to Health Reasons?

Most of the resignation letter due to personal reasons is written based on health reasons. Many people do not want to specifically explain what happened, but if you feel all right with that, you can always explain the exact health-related reason to resign on that letter. It will give an even better reason for the company to eventually let you go.

The Example of Resignation Letter Due to Personal Reasons

If you have never written the letter before, you can use the example of the resignation letter due to personal reasons below for help.


June 9, 2020


Thomas Butcher

Human Resources Department

Button Store

368 Hayland Rd,

Goodwing, NY, 2719


Dear Mr. Butcher,

I am writing to you to inform that I will leave Button Store by the end of this month. I am fully aware that I do enjoy working here and it is hard for me to leave. However, I have personal reason to give me no other choice rather than to resign.

My last day will be June 30 and I will make sure that I have done everything and hand my responsibilities to my co-workers and assistance. I will ensure that a smooth transition happens after I move.

I appreciate everything that this company has done for me for the past three years and I am thankful for the opportunity. I am glad that I have these three years’ experience working with Button Store and I look forward to seeing you all again in the future when the opportunity presents itself. Thank you for understanding my situation.


Roger Anthony

That is basically what you need to know. Follow the letter template above to make sure that you can write a proper resignation letter due to personal reasons.


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