Resignation Letter Due to Unsatisfactory Work Circumstances Sample

Resignation Letter Due to Unsatisfactory Work Circumstances Sample

There are various possible reasons why an employee resigns from the current job. One of them is due to uncomfortable work conditions. It makes the difficulty of turning in the resignation is even harder than other reasons. To make the matter a little bit easier for you, see how you can properly craft a resignation letter due to unsatisfactory work circumstances below.

75 Resignation Letter Due to Unsatisfactory Work Circumstances

How Do I Resign from A Toxic Work Environment?

Before you’re actually considering resigning from your current job, you have to identify what makes the environment feels hostile. Then raise the concern in-person with your boss, in proper setting. See how is the response being taken seriously and respected? If the answer is no, then maybe it’s truly the right time to plan to get out of the toxic workplace.

What Is Considered an Unhealthy Work Environment?

Unhealthy work environment is a workplace that causes workers to feel uncomfortable, intimidated, anxious, or scared because of distasteful acts. These distasteful acts are including violence, discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, victimization, and other offensive conducts.

Is Burnout A Good Reason to Quit?

Burnout is an actual condition despite people thinking it’s a mere buzzword related to work or workplace. WHO even has officially recognized workplace burnout as an actual medical condition, which is caused by hostile workplace environment.

How Do I Write A Resignation Letter Due to Personal Reasons?

Below are several tips to write and turn in your resignation letter due to unsatisfactory work circumstances:

  1. Lay out the facts straightforwardly.
  2. Express appreciation and gratitude to the company or employer for working opportunity and experiences.
  3. Turn the notice at least two-week before your resignation due date.

Sample of Resignation Letter Due to Job Dissatisfaction

Here is one sample of resignation letter that explain about terrible experience at workplace:


Mr. Harris,

I am informing you that I had decided to resign from the company, effectively at December, 17. With this letter also, I want to take a chance to thank you and the company during my time here.

The reason why I’m resigning because I find out that the financial department has bolstered its performance by conducting improper accounting. As the memo that I send to you dated on November 26, I outlined and briefly explain all the hidden losses done by them.

However, as you already know as well, the follow-up meeting that was held to discuss this matter has generated less desired result. For the Vice President to conclude that no wrong has been conducted and no changes should be made, are the outcomes that I can’t bring myself to accept as they’re against my work ethics and morals I hold as believes.

I believe a business should be built by trust. The trust from customers, investors, and employees would be crushed if this problem is continuing. So, I opt for the last effort to correct the practices by resigning.


Grace Moore.


Sending in professional and formal resignation letter due to unsatisfactory work circumstances will help you to leave with at least good impression. It also will help you in your next career move as a brand-building.





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