Unemployment Appeal Letter Writing Tips and Example

Unemployment Appeal Letter Writing Tips and Example

When someone files a claim for unemployment, it will be reviewed by unemployment agency. The claim will be granted or denied after the review process is completed. If you have filed a claim but denied, you may send unemployment appeal letter to request reconsideration from the agency.

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How Do I Write an Appeal Letter for Unemployment?

The appeal letter must be submitted within 30 days after your received determination notice. You may propose the appeal by using included form in determination notice or download it. As an alternative, you may also write letter to notify your decision to appeal the result to the relevant department.

What Do You Write in an Appeal Letter?

If you want to write appeal letter, then you must include:

Your full name

Your detailed address

Your contact numbers

Your SSN

Your reason to appeal

Request of special accommodations (if any)

How Do I Fight Unemployment Denial?

Aside from filing the unemployment appeal letter or send back the appeal form, you can choose to hire a representative attorney. A lawyer will be able to explain the procedure of appealing to you, help your during the process, and ensure that you file a highly persuasive case to unemployment department or agency.

How Do I Appeal My Unemployment?

Each state has slightly different appealing procedure. In general, they give you 10-30 days to mail your notice. You may follow the explanation procedure on how to appeal the denial decision in the attached form they sent.

Sample of Appeal Letter for Unemployment

Below is a sample of appeal letter for unemployment disqualification:


To Whom it May Concern,

This letter is written as a response of denial over my unemployment. The notice stated that I could file an appeal by providing significant supporting information.

I was accepted as employee at Lifestyle Barbershop since the opening in December 2016. In July 2019, there was a personality conflict arose between my employer and I, then he advocated me to look for different job while he searched for someone to replace me.

However, by the next month, he said it’s better for me to say. I reckoned it was because the store has lost four employees and went through difficult time. I had to cover several positions at the same time, including receptionist and cash register and received performance bonus because of it.

By June 2020, my employer has decided that his nephew would be a good replacement for me, thus he requested me to train him for two months while I have time to find other job. After three weeks of training period, he expressed that it was enough and he just told me to go.

I believe I am eligible to receive unemployment benefits under this condition. I sincerely asked for your reconsiderations by take my circumstances into account.

Best regards,

Michael Brown


See how the sample of unemployment appeal letter isn’t written to be long and too drawn out. Feel free to use it to write your own appeal letter in formal format.




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