Writing a Retirement to Coworkers Letter

Writing a Retirement to Coworkers Letter

Writing a retirement to coworkers letter isn’t hard. It’s the thought of not being able to see your coworkers that makes it hard to write. But it’s never been nice to leave without saying one or two words, right?

105 Retirement to Coworkers Letter

What is Retirement to Coworkers Letter?

Retirement to coworkers letter is a kind of letter that contains a ‘goodbye’ to your coworkers. There are no rules set how to write this letter – as this letter can be written more than one. You may write a letter to each coworker, or send one-to-all kind of letter.

How Do You Write a Retirement Letter to a Coworker?

As earlier mentioned, there’s no exact rule. But in average, a retirement letter will contain:

your approaching retirement date

why you are retiring

expression of gratitude toward the receivers

any personal message (if needed)

contact details

When Should You Tell Your Employer You are Retiring?

If there’s a certain company rule mentioning this, it’s best to stick with the rule. If there isn’t any – just like resignation – you should tell your employer at least 3-4 weeks prior to your retirement date. The earlier, the better it will be.

Can You Write an Email Instead of a Letter?

Sure, you can. However, writing a handwritten retirement letter is way more personal. It shows a sense of closeness you have with your coworkers, which is nice to keep. A personalized letter will serve you well to keep the intimacy.

Retirement to Coworkers Letter Sample

If you’re looking for a sample of retirement to coworker’s letter example, you’re on the right page. Keep reading to know how to write it.

Dear valued coworkers,

I guess you have heard that I decided to retire. I will no longer work starting from December 21, 2020. I am eager to find my new life as a full-time mom. Unfortunately, however great my future plan may sound, I am a little saddened by the thought of being unable to see all of you as often as before.

I think I was lucky to be able to work together with such a great team – and this is not an exaggeration. Start from Anne, thank you for being the first who reached out for me when I was new. I hope our friendship continues despite my absence from the company. Flynn, thank you for being there as the ‘ice-breaker’ man. Lunches and hangouts would not be the same without you.

I think I owe the greatest debt of gratitude to Joanne and James. Had there been no coaching from these two special persons, I would not be able to deal with challenging tasks. I learned how to keep my head up when things go hard, and how to convince myself to be brave to take risks.

I may leave the company, but I hope I can still keep the friendship, and specially the moments. I would like to stay in touch, either via phone, emails, or a picnic day by the lake. Please do not hesitate to knock me first and thank you for making my years of service be a real pleasure.

Best of luck,

Sophia Rodriguez


That is how to write a retirement to coworkers letter sample. It is fine to keep a cheerful tone, but always make sure that the letter is also polite and has professional tone in it.



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