How to Write a Resignation Letter Due to Relocation

How to Write a Resignation Letter Due to Relocation

Like any kind of resignation, it’s necessary to provide a resignation letter. It serves as a notice given to your employer before you leave from the office. In case of relocation, will the method of writing a resignation letter due to relocation be the same to writing resignation letter for other reason?

106 Resignation Letter Due to Relocation

Is Relocation a Good Reason for Leaving a Job?

Well, many do use relocation as their true reasons of resigning. But some others use this reason to conceal that they have got a new job somewhere else, which usually requires them to relocate as well.

How Do I Resign from Relocation?

If you are planning to leave your current job in order to relocate to a new place, writing a resignation letter is a must. Submitting a professionally-written resignation letter will help your employer to know your intention to quit the job. This will help them to decide future steps, whether they will hire a replacement staff or delegating more tasks to certain people.

When to Tell Your Boss You are Relocating?

When is the right moment to file a resignation due to relocation? It depends. If your company has a certain rule to follow regarding when to file resignation, you will have to follow it. But, if there are not any provisions telling you about that, the safest is to file for resignation between six weeks to two weeks before your last day at work.

How Do I Write a Resignation Letter for Moving?

It’s the same to any resignation letter for any reasons. After the salutation, tell them your intention to quit your current job. Provide your reason, which is relocating. Promise them to finish any undone works you’re delegated to.

It should be followed by giving them your contact number – if there are any concerns/questions regarding your leave. Lastly, show your gratitude for being able to work there.

Resignation Letter Due to Relocation Sample

If you feel you have to write a resignation letter due to relocation and don’t have any idea how to write it, you can follow the example given below.

Dear Mr. Rodriguez,

I am writing this letter to inform about my resignation from my position as marketing associate. This is due to my relocation to Guangzhou, China, which is currently in progress. I planned to work in this office up to January 5, 2021.

I am sorry that I may cause any inconvenience in the future, but I will work my best not to let that to happen. I am willing to put more effort have there been anything to be done. In addition, I will finish any on-going tasks and hand it in punctually.

If there are concerns or questions regarding my resignation, please feel free to call me on (771-0029) or send me an email at I will try to respond in a timely manner.

That would be a huge regret to leave ESDA Company and my coworkers who have been working with me for around 8 years, but I hope that our path will cross someday. I wish you and ESDA Company every success and ease for any future endeavors.

Thank you for your consideration and cooperation regarding this matter.


Matthew Johnson

Marketing Associate

ESDA Company (Hongkong)


That is how to write a resignation letter due to relocation. Well, it doesn’t seem any different than any kind of resignation letter. Always make it concise, polite, and professional. That will do the trick!




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