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Resignation Letter for Transfer within the Same Company Sample and Format Template

Leaving a job position requires you to have it done as professional as you can – even if it just to transfer internally to another department within a company. To smooth the process, you may send and write resignation letter for transfer within the same company by using the guide below.

17 Resignation Letter for Transfer within the Same Company

How Do I Request A Transfer?

Firstly, before you resign internally from a position, you have to request your transfer and have it approved. The key to this request s by balancing your set of skills and what the company needs at the moment. The goal is to be viewed as a potential value for the asset of your company rather than begging for favor.

You need to propose yourself in detail without seeming arrogant or presumptuous. It’s also necessary to write reasoning sentence why transferring is a good idea without having to share too many details.

What to Consider Before Requesting Transfer?

The first step of composing a good job transfer request is by properly analyzing the condition and acknowledges where to start from. Here are the questions you need to ask yourself:

Is the employer or company going to be benefitted if you are transferred from your position?

What are the reasons you want to be transferred?

Is the timing appropriate?

Is there an opportunity to be transferred?

How Do I Write A Transfer Letter to The Same Company?

After your request is getting approval, it’s time to write resignation letter for transfer within the same company. Make sure you include the departure date, the pending project, and your new contact numbers at the new position. You may also want to express gratitude and appreciation for your current supervisor or manager.

How Do You Address A Resignation Letter to Multiple Recipients?

If all of the recipients are within same address, you may simply put their names on different lines, beginning from the person with highest rank position then insert the address underneath their name. You also need to salute them properly one by one.

Letter of Resignation Sample When Internally Transferring

Below is a sample of resignation letter that used when transfer internally within the company:

Dear Mr. Johnson,

This letter is to inform my official resignation as public relation specialist at the company. It is effective starting from January 20, 2021. As you have already known, I’m going to be transferred as senior public relation specialist at the parents’ company of this corporation.

I want to express my appreciation of your professionalism and patience while guiding me for the last five years. It is with a huge gratitude that I acknowledge your everlasting support and generosity. I’m looking forward to work with you and the company in other capacity.

Please contact me for further meeting to discuss the scheduled pending projects prior to my departure. You may reach me through the attached email and phone numbers of my new office.

Best regards,

Barbara Wilson


In general, you need to understand transferring process before writing resignation letter for transfer within the same company. Make sure you read the tips above, and you do a good preparation before you jump into a whole new department.



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