Family Emergency Leave Letter and How to Write It

Family Emergency Leave Letter and How to Write It

No one knows what will happen next, and unexpected things may occur to your family. Whether it is for a good reason or the bad one, there are days you have to take a job leave temporarily in order to accompany your family. This is where a family emergency leave letter comes to play. It functions as a formal notice that you are taking a pause due to an unexpected incident involving your family.


How Do I Write a Family Leave Letter?

Family emergency leave letter should be made as a formal request to your employer that you are taking a leave from work. This letter is written if you are in conditions requiring you to be there for assistance, for instance the arrival of your baby or an ill family member.

Do I Have to Elaborate a Family Emergency in the letter?

Yes, you do. Your employer must know what reason that causes you to take a leave. Otherwise, your letter will not be complete. Your absence may also be seen as irresponsible since there is no clear reason.

What would be considered a Family Emergency?

A family emergency condition is something that occurs all of a sudden and may do harm for your family member’s well-being or security. It can also relate to a passing in the family.

How Do I Write a Family Emergency Letter?

Since this is a kind of formal letter, you should write it in a formal way. You also have to mind the grammatical aspect while writing it. To write this letter, there are aspects you should include, such as:

  • A request for taking a leave,
  • Valid reason that underlies your request (ailing family member, passing of a relative, sick child, etc.),
  • The date(s) you plan to take a break from work,
  • An offer to help with any difficulties during your leave, if possible, and
  • An expression of gratitude for considering your leave request.

Sample of Family Emergency Leave Letter

If this is your first time writing this kind of letter, it can be troublesome to write without any examples. You can use the letter below as your reference to write the letter.



Dear Mr. Smith,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I am taking an unexpected leave due to an emergency in my family. I have just heard that my father is hospitalized today due to a car accident. Therefore, I feel the urge to head to the hospital. As the eldest child of the family, it was my due to take care of the family.

I plan to take an emergency leave for a week; hence I feel confident that I can return back to work at November 30, 2020. During the leave, you can contact me by phone at (333)-333-3330 and/or email at Kindly leave me a message have there been concerns and questions. I will try to deliver an answer in a timely manner.

Thank you for your consideration regarding my leave and all assistance in this matter. I am looking forward to hearing your response.

Best regards,

John D. Starling

[Job title]


That’s how you should write a family emergency leave letter. You should write it brief, yet polite and structurally proper. Keep in mind you should dismiss any misspellings as well.





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