Termination Letter for Insubordination Examples and Main Information

Termination Letter for Insubordination Examples and Main Information

A termination letter for insubordination is often written by a company to fire someone from their job. The termination is based on the insubordination or bad attitude shown by the employee. It is very common for a work place to terminate someone based on that particular ground. Learn more about the letter in the information below.

72 Termination Letter for Insubordination

How Do You Write a Termination Letter for Insubordination?

The termination letter for insubordination can be written quite easily, though. As long as the ground is clear and the accusation is true, you have every right to be firing the employee. Write them in the letter to make sure that it sounds legitimate.

What Do You Say to a Terminated Employee?

It is hard to decide what to say to an employee in the letter, especially when informing them that they are fired. However, use these ideas and it won’t be so hard anymore:

  • Tell them the reason why they are fired
  • Tell them that their behaviors are reported by their peers and teams
  • Tell them that the decision to fire them has been made by the top staff of the company

How Do You Inform Employee of Termination Sample?

Tell them immediately and at least it will give them the lesson that in-subornation won’t go well in a work place. You do not have to restrain yourself from informing the employee. As long as they shown the bad attitude, you can fire them immediately.

Do You Have to Give an Employee a Termination Letter?

Yes, when the attitude is no longer tolerable, you have to pen the letter down.

Sample of Termination Letter for Insubordination

This is the sample of the letter that you should use:


June 28, 2020


Kellen Bean

North 26 St,

Bashingroad, YS, 2910


Mr. Bean,

This letter is to inform you that you have been terminated from your job as marketing staff at Lucas Clothing Company. The decision is based on the insubordination and disobedience you have shown to other staff for the last few weeks.

I have heard the complaint from your direct supervisor, Mrs. Davis that you refused to work professionally with your team. You did not want to do the work plan and instead did the job randomly. It costs the team a huge deal that could have been a big opportunity for the company.

This is the reason why the directions made the decision to let you go. Your attitude does not fit within the company. We do not have any tolerance for those who want to act so arrogantly. Please contact the human resources department to finish the contract and payroll documentation.



John Cook

Recruiting Director

Lucas Clothing Company


Employees with bad attitude will basically give hard time to everyone. This is why it is understandable why they are getting fired. If you have employees with rebellious attitude and want to get rid of them from your company, you need to be able to pen the termination letter for insubordination above from now on.




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