Dealing with the Acceptance of Resignation Letter

Dealing with the Acceptance of Resignation Letter

At some points, employers have to deal with their employees’ resignations. It may not be the easiest thing tackle on, but they still have to manage resignations professionally, in understanding and graceful manner. Learn how to write acceptance of resignation letter below in order to appropriately respond and bid farewell to the said employee, according to the employment law guides.

186 Acceptance of Resignation Letter

How Do You Respond To A Resignation Acceptance?

Read several steps in the following that explain how to respond to employee’s resignation:

Acknowledge the employee’s intention to resign

Draft a letter using formal business format

Express your acceptance and understanding on the situation

Create documentation by making duplicate of the acceptance letter

Does An Employer Have To Respond To A Resignation Letter?

Employers have to respond to resignation letter, and it must be done in timely manner in order to:

Have a record of employee’s resignation and its acceptance to use for reference in future

Provide the summary of off-boarding process for the employee to explain about their last day

Determine the off-boarding process’ dates

Can Resignation Be Withdrawn After Acceptance?

There is a common misconception that employees are able to withdraw their resignation if the employers haven’t accepted it formally. Actually, once the notice is turned in, the employees cannot withdraw the decision without employers’ agreement.

Can A Company Stop You From Resigning?

Speaking legally, employer has no right to deny resignation. The decision is final after the employees give a proper amount of notice according to the signed contract before they leave the company.

In other words, the decision to resign is owned by the employee alone which cannot be refused by employer. Conversely, if the employers decide to dismiss the employees, they also cannot decline it – especially provided that the dismissal is conformed to the contract.

Sample of Employer’s Acceptance Letter for Employee’s Resignation

Here is a sample of acceptance of resignation letter that may help you during the writing process of yours:

Dear Ms. Wilson,

In respect of your resignation letter that received on December 7, 2020, this letter is to acknowledge and accept your notice to leave from your position as marketing manager at CosmoWork Inc. effective from December 21, 2020.

You may return the company’s property before or on your last working day here, including identification badge, laptop, keys, company credit card, parking pass, and other company-issued and company-owned properties.

Please find the information regarding leaving employees such as final wage, benefit coverage, and other related details at the attached document. You may reach out the Human Resources Department via phone call or email if you have anything you’d like to ask or discuss further.

You may also participate in the optional exit questionnaire to give valuable feedback to CosmoWork Inc., which is available at the attached website address. This procedure is done anonymously and again, optional.

We’d like to thank you for your service here and wish you only the best for your upcoming endeavors.


Andrew Johnson


Remember to proofread the acceptance of resignation letter prior to sending it. By making sure that the letter contains no error will assure the legality and professionalism of the document.



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