The Excellent Guidance of Counselor Recommendation Letter

The Excellent Guidance of Counselor Recommendation Letter

Knowing how to write an excellent guidance counselor recommendation letter is vitally important. You play an immense role as a counselor in assisting your students on their way to college. You help them set goals and make thorough plans for their future throughout four years. You will write them a letter of recommendation when it comes to applying to college.

77 Counselor Recommendation Letter

What is the Counselor Recommendation Letter?

As the name implies, a guidance counselor recommendation letter is a type of letter written by a mentor that recommends a certain student to a particular university or college. Essentially, the letter is used to elaborate that the student has the capacity to be accepted by a particular university or college.

Do You Need a Recommendation Letter from Your Guidance Counselor?

Most chosen higher-educational institutions often need one to three letters of recommendation along with your application letter. The recommendation letters are usually written by a guidance counselor and a teacher. The letters shall normally be sent by email.

How Do You Write a Recommendation Letter from a Counselor?

The majority of counselors are intuitively aware that they should only explain the strengths of their students and how excellent they would be at university. However, what to include in the letter in order to make them stand out and able to impress the admissions officials? Here are the things to include:

  • Use strong phrases and share particular stories to show your student’s qualities
  • Highlight the most important strengths and student’s passion in certain activities
  • Talk about how your student has successfully overcome their personal challenges
  • Include a specific example to prove the abilities of your student

How to Write a Positive Letter of Recommendation?

To compose a positive letter of recommendation for your student, you simply need to clearly state that the student would do great at the university. Use a business letter format and formal tone. Also, only write the most specific and essential qualification of the student. For the rest of the letter, you simply need to follow the instructions on request.

The Sample of a Guidance Counselor Recommendation Letter

To whom it may concern,

It is my great pleasure to recommend Hailey Ridley to take part in the undergraduate program of your esteemed institution. As her school counselor for the last four years, Hailey has given excellent contributions to our collective. She is not only an outstanding and hardworking individual but also has dedicated herself to empowering the students and faculty’s lives around her.

Hailey has specifically dedicated herself to getting broader knowledge of mental health into our curriculum after the devastating loss of her family member. She said she would like to break the prejudice around the topic of mental health.

Hailey would like to pursue a career in the psychological, social, or non-profit sectors. To pursue her dream, she would like to take psychology as her undergraduate major. She has an impressive accomplishment in Advanced Placement Psychology.

I highly recommend Hailey to be a part of your esteemed institution. She is a compassionate and strong individual with a strong sense of purpose. Should there be any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach me.

Best regards,

Brian Zeller

School Counselor

When writing a guidance counselor recommendation letter, do not just include descriptions, but try to be more convincing with examples.





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