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Important Things on Retail Resignation Letter

Resignation doesn’t always mean bad. There are plenty of reasons behind someone’s resignation, like getting a new job or any private reasons (getting married, relocation, etc.). Retail workers too can resign from their job; and it is always nice to properly do it. Writing a retail resignation letter should help your employer to understand your condition that drives you to resign from the job.

104 Retail Resignation Letter

How Do I Professionally Resign?

It is always safe to follow the rules in the company. Before you decide to resign, know how to do it properly in accordance to your company rules. You should finish all of the tasks given to you before resigning – and to top it all, don’t be in such hurry.

Can You Resign by Email?

It is not a good etiquette to resign through this way. The same goes with resigning by phone. These can be alternatives, especially if you are unable to resign in-person, but put it as the last option to do. Keep being polite, even though you will be no longer working in their place.

How Do You Quit a Retail Job?

Well, resigning from a job does not differ much from one job to another. Always thank your supervisors for the opportunity to work and learn with the company. Give them your reason why you decided to quit. Be clear when will be your last day at the job. All of these should be written in a resignation letter to make it as an official resignation notice.

How Do I Write a Letter of Resignation for Retail?

Use proper formatting

Include date, contact information, and salutation

Mention your intention to resign

Mention the reason of resignation

Offer your help during your last days

Express gratitude

Close and give signature

Retail Resignation Letter Sample

Written below is the example of retail resignation letter from someone who has been working as sales associate to her manager.

Dear Mrs. Anna,

Along with this letter I hereby intend to inform my resignation from my position as sales clerk at Johnson Department Store. I have been offered another chance which, in my opinion, will help me to achieve my dream career as well as improving myself. My last day for work will be December 22. Therefore, please accept this resignation letter as my official resignation notice.

During my last two weeks, it would be great for me to help the company as much as I can in order to facilitate an easy transition. The company may have me in-charge to train any replacement personnel if necessary. Have there been any concerns or questions regarding my resignation, please feel free to contact me either by phone (888-88888) or email:

I am grateful to be a part of this company for almost five years. This company had helped me gaining priceless work experience. I will miss the cheerful yet highly productive working nuance of the company as well. I am sorry for any inconvenience caused in accordance with my resignation.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. I wish you and Johnson Department Store all the best for future endeavors.

Yours sincerely,

Daphne Miller

Sales Clerk

Johnson Dept. Store


That is how to write a retail resignation letter. It is not different to any resignation letter. In addition, keep in mind that to write a professional letter you should keep a professional tone, concise sentences, and avoid using bad grammar.


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