Use this Executive Resignation Letter when You Leave Your Job

Use this Executive Resignation Letter when You Leave Your Job

An executive resignation letter is usually written by the executives or people with higher position. It is addressed either to the human resources department or the team that they lead. This is the example of letter if you need one, and also several explanations related to the letter. It should help you writing one properly.

73 Executive Resignation Letter

How Do I Write An Executive Letter Of Resignation?

Several things that you have to say in the letter of resignation are including:

Your gratitude for the team or the job

The real reason why you leave the job

The information about the last day at work

How Do You Write A Positive Resignation Letter?

The key is not to talk negatively about anyone in the company. Make sure you are leaving the job because of something legit, not because you have made terrible mistake or get involved in scandalous situation.

How Do I Quit An Executive Job?

Quitting the job will be such a shame. However, if you have to, all you have to do is actually to inform the executive board member and then leave the job after finishing all the duties and responsibilities.

What Is The Best Resignation Letter?

The best resignation letter is the one written in good language and written way in advanced. It is also stating the reason for the resignation clearly so that everyone can see why.

Sample of Executive Resignation Letter

If you need the example, feel free to use this executive resignation letter below. It is simple yet the content can be used easily in a letter.

August 15, 2020


Marketing Team

Paulson Cigar Company

Stone 65 St,

Romans, JG, 2916


Dear Team,

With this letter, I am announcing my resignation as executive marketing of Paulson Cigar Company. The reason for my resignation is because I am taking a new job out of state. I am thankful for this team as this team is one of the finest of all. I do believe that the company is going to thrive because of this team.

I am leaving the office by August 31, 2020. Before that day, I will finish up all my remaining duties in the office. Feel free to contact me if you need any of my help related to the office work. I’d like to gladly help you with any types of assistance.

I believe that there will be someone else to take my position as the executive and I wish that they can work well with you all. Wish me luck for my new adventure out of state and I wish that someday we can get reunited and get together again at some point.



James Avon


Before resigning and leaving the position for goods, make sure you leave a good impression by writing down the letter. The letter is not hard to write, especially when you have found an example like executive resignation letter above. Use the letter above to make the process of writing the letter more easily.




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