The Effective Parking Ticket Appeal Letter

The Effective Parking Ticket Appeal Letter

While restriction on parking has advantages, it’s not exactly rare to hear people being fined unfairly as they perceived to perform illegal parking. In such cases, it may be worth to write and send parking ticket appeal letter. The result may vary depends on the local council, but it provides opportunity that can be beneficial to take.

190 Parking Ticket Appeal Letter

How Do I Write A Letter of Appeal For A Parking Ticket?

Typically when you receive Notice to Owner (NTO), it will come along with form to submit appeal. You simply have to fill it out accordingly and send it back. However, if you feel like the form is not enough to explain your appeal’s grounds, then it’s perfectly acceptable to send a letter to provide your point better.

What Is The Best Excuse To Appeal A Parking Ticket?

Sometimes, your excuse is not enough to avoid fine. Read below several helpful reasons you can use to explain yourself:

The prohibit sign to park is covered

Urgency to go to toilet

Taking prescription

Asking directions

Having mechanical breakdown

Having medical emergency

What Do You Say When You Contest A Parking Ticket?

Here are some essential components to include on parking ticket appeal letter:

The ticket’s date and time

The cited statute on ticket

The reason for you to refuse being ticketed

The conclusion of denial of being ticketed based on the cited statute

Is It Worth Contesting A Parking Ticket?

If you have strong grounds and can prove that you’re not in the wrong, then you have quit good opportunity to send the appeal. However, the success can be less certain if the case is not as strong.

Sample of Appeal Letter for Parking Ticket

Read the following sample to see how the appeal letter for parking ticket is typically written:

To whom it may concern,

This letter is written because on November 26, 2020, I have received parking ticket that said I was parked in cleaning zone of the road. As I understood, the town doesn’t perform road cleaning during public holiday, and this event concurred during Thanksgiving Day.

I precisely remembered that I have parked on the exactly same spot on the same day the year before, and I wasn’t ticketed. That’s why I genuinely do not understand why it’s different this time.

I have been very careful myself to adhere to parking regulation, so it’s the first ticket I ever received. Had I known that the cleaning crew of the town is planning to perform the work that day, I certainly wouldn’t have parked there.

Please reach me through my attached phone numbers or email address. I’d be more than willing to talk the details about the event and provide further information.


Mark Hughes


Keep in mind that parking ticket appeal letter should be sent through certified mail. That way, you have record of date and time when the letter is sent and received by the recipient. Attach the copy of your parking ticked along with the letter, while keeping the original copy for yourself if you ever need it as evidence.


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