Common Child Custody Agreement Letter with Example

Common Child Custody Agreement Letter with Example

A child custody agreement letter is often written by parents who are about to get into divorce process. Custody of the child is one of the biggest things to discuss in the divorce, and the parents should have a previous agreement about the custody. The court and child protection service won’t take any further action. Here is the example of the letter.

139 Child Custody Agreement Letter

Is a Written Custody Agreement Legal?

Yes, it is. The letter is legal as it can be used at court during the divorce process. In addition, the letter must be approved by the judge.

Can a Notarized Letter be used for Custody?

Notarized letter has a legal biding function in the court, but only as a contract from the parents. It also depends on the law in every state.

How Do I Write a Letter of Custody?

The letter must be written carefully as it is a legal letter that can be used at the court. The letter must be signed by both parents, or one of them represents their significant other.

What is the Most Common Child Custody Arrangement?

Some of the most common arrangements written in a child custody agreement letter are including:

  • Weekend stay
  • Weekday stay
  • Holidays, including Thanksgiving and Christmas
  • Other visitations

Sample of Child Custody Agreement Letter

This is the example of the letter that you can follow. It contains everything the parents need to inform.

June 10, 2020


Karen Paul

Child Protection Service

Almond 28 St,

Landfield, OH, 2017


Dear Ms. Paul,

I am writing you this letter to inform you that my soon-to-be ex-husband and I have reached the agreement about the custody of our son, Dylan Hubert. We agreed that our divorce should not affect the well-being of our son and hence we have devised the agreement related to our son’s custody.

We have agreed to take the shared custody. It means that neither of us gets the full custody and we will co-parent to raise our son until he reached the age of 18. We also have agreed to several other things, including:

  • Weekdays: From Monday to Friday, Dylan will spend his time at my house, considering that his school is closer to my house.
  • Weekends: Dylan will spend weekends, Saturday and Sunday, at his father’s house.
  • Birthday: Dylan’s birthday will be celebrated in one of the houses with both parents attending.
  • Holidays: Dylan will spend holidays in both houses, depending on the situation.

I hope the agreement will be the best for Dylan and he will have no difficulties growing up in two households. We also have agreed to share visitation and we will make sure that the divorce is done amicably and won’t affect our son.

Thank you for understanding. We hope that this letter can be used as the base for the custody decision by the court.




Jenna Hubert


Divorce is something that no one wants to get through. However, it happens, and child is often there to witness it. To avoid any complications, make sure everyone understand child custody agreement letter, and use it when they have to get through a divorce.


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