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Friendly Resignation Letter Sample with Positive and Professional Tone

There is a possibility that you develop friendly relationship with your employer or coworkers after a certain length of time being in your current job position. This may encourage you to write a more friendly resignation letter rather than a business-strict one. Here is how you can craft this letter properly.

20 Friendly Resignation Letter

How Do I Resign from A Casual Job?

Below is a checklist of things you have to include inside the letter:

The clear statement of your decision to resign

The final date of your employment

The gratitude for your employer and the job opportunity

The positive tone throughout the letter

Is Resignation Letter Formal or Informal?

Your resignation letter may include informal details, but it should still follow the basic formal standard of a business letter. That’s why you need to consider it as formal letter first, and input the standard information such as your name, your job position, the addressed person, and a sufficient amount of information about your resignation.

How Do You Write an Informal Resignation Letter?

Resignation may happen due to various different reasons – and it puts pressures for you, for the company, and for the people you work with. This is the main reason why the letter still needs to be business-like even when it’s fairly simple.

In case you want to give informal additional details such as explanation or supportive message in more casual tone, you might want to issue it in separate letter from your resignation.

How Do I Write A Short Letter of Resignation?

The resignation letter carries certain purpose, which is to let the employer knows that you are resigning and the date of your last working days. It’s always better to keep it to the basic and not to exceed a single page. In fact, the specific reasons of why you’re leaving aren’t always required to be included.

Sample of Resignation Letter in Friendly and Positive Tone

Here is a sample and format of friendly resignation letter that you may follow to write your own:

Dear Shirley,

I’m reaching out to you through this letter, to inform you about my resignation as training in the Pet Training Center. I will be resigned officially as from January 4, 2020.

Thank you for your guidance when I need to develop my animal training skills. It is a huge pleasure and honor to work in the training center. I wish the company nothing but the best in the future. Even though it is so sad for me to leave this soon, you should know that I appreciate all of your helps, patience, and cooperation during my time here.

Please feel free to contact me if you need any help for the replacement and I try to help as best as I can. I’d like to assist the person who’s going to replace me to speed up and smooth the process.

Yours sincerely,

Abigail Anderson


See how gratitude is one of the most essential parts of friendly resignation letter. In case you have a lined-up job already, it’s also possible to ask for recommendation letter to your boss as a follow-up letter.


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