The Reference of Request for Promotion Letter

The Reference of Request for Promotion Letter

Requesting for promotion can turn into tense experience. However, it could be important to do if you feel like you are ready to climb up to the next step. The guide to request for promotion letter below will show how to prepare for the process and how to write a proper one.

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How Do You Politely Ask for A Promotion?

Before asking and discussing the matter with your boss, you’ve to compel cases of why you deserve the promotion. There is no answer to the perfect timing to make the request, but you’ve to be perceptive of picking the best time to do so. Promotion is also not something that can be decided or happen overnight, so be patient and don’t be easily discouraged if you don’t succeed at the first attempt.

How Do You Write A Promotion Request Letter?

Here’s how to craft a proper request letter for promotion:

  1. Format the letter professionally and use salutation
  2. Lay out your request along with your qualification details
  3. Wrap the letter by expressing your gratitude for your boss’ consideration

How Do I Convince My Boss to Give Me A Promotion?

First, prepare an outline or document of your proven accomplishment record – which should include concrete metrics upon the impacts. Discuss with your employer, but remember it’s not a one-time event but a series of perpetual discourses. Ask politely for feedback and advice of how you can improve yourself as an employee.

Should I Ask for A Promotion Or Wait?

Essentially, employees should seek for promotion in order to make their career develops and grows. However, before demanding a better position, then the employees should prove themselves to be worthy of the role. It’s also worth to note that asking too early is sometimes better than delaying the request, because at minimum you can use the feedback and advance given by your boss.

Job Promotion Request Letter Sample

In the following is an example of request for promotion letter:


Dear Mr. Campbell,

This letter is written with intend of letting you know, that I enjoy being a part of the company for the last four years. There are plenty of things that I’ve learned which help me to grow as person and benefit my career. I’m sure as well that you won’t deny that I have contributed for company’s growth and that I have proved myself to meet each task and target given.

Now, I’d like to challenge myself by taking up extra responsibility. I’ve learned so much and put my best in each of my job. Thus I kindly make a request for you to consider if I am eligible for job promotion. I feel receiving one will motivate and give me more confidence.

I assure to prove my worth and contribute to more success to the company, given that I receive more responsibility and higher authority. I wish you’d consider this opportunity for me.


Elaine Williamson


Writing a draft first helps to build more persuasive writing. You may expand the request for promotion letter by writing out your performance and growth capacity as well.


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