Things to Know about Independent Contractor Termination Letter

Things to Know about Independent Contractor Termination Letter

Independent contractors might have a chance to be terminated according to the terms and conditions which are stated in a contract. Generally, it requires advanced notification. An independent contractor termination letter is the best way to let the remote workers or freelancers know of your decision.

55 Independent Contractor Termination Letter

How Do I Write a Letter to Terminate Independent Contractors?

Start your independent contractor termination letter by addressing the recipient’s name and state that your business will no longer require their services. It’s also important to state the date you terminate the contract and the reason for your decision.

How Do You Say When Terminating an Independent Contractor?

You may have the reason that makes you terminate the contract between your business and independent contractors. However, it would be great that you include appreciation words in the termination letter if you think they have been adequately reliable when they work with you.

What Should You Not Say When Terminating Independent Contractors?

Here are some of the things you should never include in a termination letter.

  • “It is really hard for me.”
  • “In comparison to Johnny, your working performance is sub-par.”
  • “We will try to work out the details at any later time.”
  • “We have decided to take a different direction.”

How Do I Write a Letter to Terminate Service Contracts?

A contractor termination letter should be writing in a professional tone without including any irrelevant information. It’s also important to state the specific reason for the contract termination. Also, include the date when the service would have to end.

The Sample of Independent Contractor Termination Letter

Below is the sample of a letter as a reference when you are required to terminate a freelancer or remote worker.


Dear Mr. Price,

This letter is to inform you that I, Brian Zeller, have decided to terminate our independent contractor agreement that will take effect on January 24, 2015. You will find that this termination letter falls under the policies to conclude the contract in compliance with the agreement itself.

I have discovered that your work requires constant modifications from our employees and does not meet the standard that our company usually needs. At this moment, there are five projects at your possession that are due, and we expect those projects to be submitted by their deadlines so that you can receive your final payment. From today onward, you will not receive any new projects.

I wish to point out that your work has the highest quality in its basic structure. I assume the particular topics we need do not fall within your usual environment. That is why the projects you finish for us are not up to our standard.

Should there be any further concerns or questions, please contact me at (777)-777-7777 or email me at Your final payment will be processed in compliance with the agreement, and all the previous payments have been successfully received.


Brian Zeller

JJ Project Incorporated


When you write an independent contractor termination letter, be sure to always include the reason for the decision and evidence to prove this reason.

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