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Letter of Appreciation to Boss about Employee Sample and Writing Tips

Words are powerful tools since they are especially effective if you want to show appreciation and praise to someone who has done good job. Giving recognition to the person by sending letter of appreciation to boss about employee with the right wordings in the right timing can give impact the person in the valuable way.

102 Letter of Appreciation to Boss about Employee

How Do You Praise an Employee to A Boss?

The boss will be impressed if they know their employee has added value to their business. Go in details by laying out specific event where the employee shows their expertise or went extra miles to show the best performance.

How Do You Write A Letter of Appreciation for A Good Service?

Maintain the content of your letter to be professional because the words will reflect you as a person. Keep the praises to be related to work, by showing respect and concern of yours for the well-being and growth of the company.

How Do You Write A Complimentary Letter to Your Boss?

The complimentary letter to boss about their employee must mention the name of employee, their job title, department, and the detailed explanation of their impressive performance. It may be written by a customer or client, coworker, or even manager.

Meanwhile after receiving the letter, the boss can show the appreciation to the said employee. It’s important to let them know that their effort for the job is indeed being appreciated.

How to Compliment an Employee to Their Boss?

Here’s how you can give praises and promote more positive workplace environment:

Compliment how productive the employee is

Mention about their admirable strong work ethic

Praise their ability to deal with other coworkers or business partners

Praise their ability to engage with clients or customers

Sample of Appreciation Letter about Employee to Boss

In the following is a sample of letter of appreciation to boss about employee you may use as reference:


Dear Mrs. Martinez,

This letter is written to let you know that I have major appreciation upon the outstanding work of our Human Relation representative, Madison Carter. She has proven herself to have wonderful talent in engaging and dealing with a lot of people during her time in this department and it’s such a pleasure for me to be her supervisor.

Our department has some loyal clients that always ask for Ms. Carter. Instead of being assisted by other available representative immediately, they’re more than willing to wait for a chance to be assisted by Ms. Carter. She may not be the top representative in our company, but she sure is on the way there by building respects from her colleagues and maintains her humble self.

I wish you’d let Ms. Carter aware of how well she has done her jobs personally, because she definitely deserves to be.

Yours sincerely,

Olivia Jones


Notice how letter of appreciation to boss about employee above is written in approachable tone while remained to be polite. The appreciation is given with explanation of how the person is also cherished by others and encourages the boss to let the employee know of the high opinion people held of them.


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