The Main Information in Fee Agreement Letter

The Main Information in Fee Agreement Letter

A fee agreement letter is often written between two companies or parties. Running a business these days cannot be done on your own. You need someone else for back up and to work together for the main goal. If you are working together with other companies, surely there will be fee and compensation for that. This is the letter to set everything properly and legally.

225 Fee Agreement Letter

How Do You Write an Agreement Letter?

To write the letter, you must be careful to add several items. Make sure that the letter has been approved by two parties before releasing them. This is the only way for you to make sure that the letter is legally binding eventually and it can be used for the working relationship.

What Is a Fee Agreement?

Fee agreement is usually the agreed amount of money for the fee in a contract. It happens a lot in the industry and most people want to get paid properly for the supply or for the job that they have done. Without any prior agreement, it will be hard to determine how much money to pay eventually.

What Is a Agreement Letter?

Agreement letter is basically the letter to initiate the relationship between two parties. You should be able to do that when you are establishing a working relationship between two companies or two stores. It helps setting things together.

How Do You Write a Simple Agreement?

The agreement can be written in a letter. To make it legal, you should add several things in the letter, including:

  • The amount of agreed fee
  • Additional conditions of the agreement
  • The length of time for the agreement

Sample of Fee Agreement Letter

This is the example of the fee agreement letter you have been looking for. Make sure that you follow the information written here.

May 1, 2020


Orlando James

Yonder Store

Garland 7 St,

Aston, GJ, 02816


Dear Mr. James,

I am writing to you this letter as the representative of Well Clothing Company. We have discussed the working relationship between Yonder Store and Well Clothing Company, particularly the part where our store will be the main supplier for clothing department in your store.

Based on the discussion we have at our company and your company as well, it is believed that the amount of fee has been agreed. The amount of fee is $25 per piece of clothing. The agreement will soon be taken into contract and signed off by both parties.

If you have agreed with this, we will make the legally-binding documents and each representative of the store should meet to sign the documents off. After that, Well Clothing Company will start sending items to Yonder Store.


Thank you,



Gerard Park


That is the example of the letter that you can use. It is not necessarily like that, but basically it has the right structure and information needed. Use the example above to write down a proper fee agreement letter, and then running a business will be a lot easier.


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