Example of Employer Resignation Letter and Other Information

Example of Employer Resignation Letter and Other Information

A employer resignation letter is needed when you have decided to quit your job and leave everything behind, including the staff and team under your supervision. This is the letter example, and you can also find other information related to the letter below. Here they are.

199 Employer Resignation Letter

How Do I Write a Letter of Resignation to My Employer?

To write the letter to the employer, you have to state several things that will clear the situation, including:

The reason to quit the job

The willingness to transfer the responsibilities and assignments to other staff

The information about the last day at work

Does an Employer Have to Respond to a Resignation Letter?

A reply will be expected. However, if you do not hear from the employer, you should ask the human resources department and see if they can give you the response related to the letter you sent.

What do I Say to My Boss When I Resign?

Informing to your superiors that you have decided to resign is a tricky thing to do. Usually, the boss will demand a reason of why you quit. This is why you need to make sure that you know the answer to the question and be able to give a proper reason about the quitting.

How Do I Write a Letter of Resignation For a Bad Employer?

It is not a resignation letter then. It is more like a notification sent to the employer that you have quit because the misbehaving from the employer. Human resources department should get involved in this and pen the letter with you.

Sample of Employer Resignation Letter

If you who need the example of employer resignation letter because you have never written one, follow this example below.

June 3, 2020


Hubert Lincoln

Parkson Clothing Line

Isla 6 St,

Finnigan, HN, 2089


Dear Mr. Lincoln,

This letter is to inform my decision of resignation. I have decided to quit my job as staff supervisor at Parkson Clothing Line. The reason why I quit the job is because I have health problem that has affected me greatly for the last two years.

I have decided not to work anymore and to focus on my health. This is why I have to inform you that I cannot continue to work at Parkson Clothing Line anymore. I have staff and employees under my supervision and I renounce all the rights to supervise them to you.

I expect that my last day at work will be June 30. After that I would no longer come in to work and finish all the paper work for the resignation. I hope everyone understands my reason to quit and no hard feeling is established between any of us.


Thank you,



Luigi Boston


Those are some of the things you need to know about the letter. Make sure you can pen the letter properly by using the right example as displayed above. The sample of employer resignation letter has the right structure and information to follow.





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