Take a Look at Child Care Provider Recommendation Letter Sample

Take a Look at Child Care Provider Recommendation Letter Sample

Some parents are searching for a day care where they know their kids are being nurtured and taught so many things. A day care is like a second home. A child care provider recommendation letter is written by an applicant or a former employer’s parent of a kid.

119 Child Care Provider Recommendation Letter

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation?

If you are asked by your kid’s nanny to write a recommendation letter, consider the request first before saying yes. Put the letter in a business format then explain how you know this babysitter and for how long. Moreover, only focus on their positive traits.

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for a Daycare Provider?

A child care provider recommendation letter should be composed in a personal tone, and it is able to demonstrate how the caretaker influenced the lives of the kids they took care of. In addition to qualifications, such as educational background, you can also include the applicant’s positive traits in the letter.

How Do I Write a Letter of Recommendation for a Child Care Provider?

Here are the tips on writing a recommendation letter for your babysitter.

Mention the experience and the achievements of the babysitter

Tell any positive story regarding their activities in taking care of your children

Briefly explain the average day

Write the letter in a positive and personal tone

How Long Should a Recommendation Letter for a Child Care Provider Be?

To show that you know the babysitter well and fully support her, it is always a good idea to write the recommendation letter in more than two paragraphs, but avoid composing more than one page to keep the letter focus on the main points.

The Sample of a Child Care Provider Recommendation Letter

Below is a sample of a recommendation letter for a child care provider. Remember to only include few specific points. You can use the example as a reference to help composing your own letter.


Dear Mrs. Green,

I am more than happy to recommend Bonnie Tyler as a babysitter for your growing family. Bonnie has long been our child care provider, and our kids have nothing but her delightful memories. She played an essential role in developing children’s education and ensuring they received a lot of exercises.

Bonnie is certified in first aid as well as CPR, so we knew that our kids were in a safe hand. She has dealt with up to ten kids a day and groups of up to two per day. In all cases, the children and their parents came back with very positive reviews regarding Bonnie’s performance in taking care of the children.

As our children started getting closer to middle school age, we realize we no longer needed Bonnie’s services. Even so, Bonnie had become such a precious part of our family that we attempted to keep her on. However, our incapability to find an appropriate position for Bonnie in our family should be your advantage.

Bonnie is great with kids of all ages and would make an excellent babysitter for your household. Should there be any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at 555-555-5555 or email me at jpotter@email.com.


Julia Potter


That’s all about writing a child care provider recommendation letter. Remember you should only highlight your former babysitter’s qualifications and skills to help her become a strong candidate.




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