Termination Letter to Employer Examples and Explanations

Termination Letter to Employer Examples and Explanations

Writing termination letter to employer is not going to be easy at all. It is like to resign from your job, and you know there will be some risks coming with it. However, if you have to pen the letter anyway, there are several tips you need to follow, and they will be explained below.

49 Termination Letter to Employer

How Do I Write a Termination Letter to My Employer?

Writing the letter to employer is not something you can take for granted because it can ruin your reputation if you do it the wrong way. The only way to make a letter is to write it properly. The language and structure of the letter must be written very clearly.


How Do I Write a Letter of Resignation?

To write a proper termination letter to employer, you need to follow these tips.

  • Write the letter in clear language
  • Send the letter way before the last day of work
  • State a clear reason why you need to quit


Do You Have to Give an Employee a Termination Letter?

On contrary, if you are the employer and you need to basically fire an employee, you will have to get a ground reason. The reason must be understandable so both parties will go away with the decision easily.


How Do I Write an Appeal Letter for Termination?

If you are receiving the letter but you do not want to accept any decision written on that, all you need to do is writing an appeal. This is like defending your case against the decision. It may take longer but if you do it right, you can fight for the termination.


Sample of Termination Letter to Employer

This is the sample of letter that you can use anytime you need to resign.


April 20, 2020


Penny Howard

Human Resources Department, Bashington Company

Hamilton 8 St,

Jackmile, TX, 20187


Dear Ms. Howard,


With this letter I am informing you that I am no longer employed at Bashington Company. My decision is effective starting from May 1, 2020. The reason for the termination is because I have experienced difficulties maintaining the work I have here and my personal business in the COVID-19 pandemic.


I am very sorry to inform you that I cannot continue my career here and I have chosen to maintain my personal business at home. This is a difficult decision to make and I am aware of the risks that come along with the decision.


I do hope that the company won’t abandon any of my rights as an employee here and that I will receive the final paychecks and the benefits entitled to me. Please contact me as soon as you received this letter.


Thank you for understanding



Ursula Park


Well, the letter example above can be used to inform the company that you are no longer going to be working there. Just write the termination letter to employer with proper language. You will be fine, and surely no hard feeling will be there.



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