Termination Letter to Employer Example and Important Information You Need

Termination Letter to Employer Example and Important Information You Need

Writing termination letter to employer is like writing your own resignation letter. Both letters have the same point: announcing that you won’t be working in that place anymore. To write the letter appropriately, you need an example. The example along with information about the letter should be found here.

165 Termination Letter to Employer

How Do I Write a Termination Letter to My Employer?

The letter must be written in proper format. There should be a reason written there why you quit the job. It is important to write that so that everyone knows that you quit the job for something.

Does Your Employer Have to Give You a Termination Letter?

It usually depends on the reason of the resignation. If you are the one quitting from your job, you should write the letter to the employer, not all the way around. On the contrary, if you are getting fired, your employer is the one giving you a termination letter.

How Do I Write a Letter to Terminate a Service?

It is quite different to write a letter that terminates a service as your position is as the user of the service. You have the liberty of explaining what happens behind the curtain to make you decide not to use their service anymore.

How Do You Respond to an Employment Termination Letter?

If you are the boss or you are the member of the human resources department receiving the letter, there are several steps to response, including:

Replying the letter at once

Calling the sender to your office and talk about the quitting in person

Do a research for the resignation first

Sample of Termination Letter to Employer

If you need any sample of termination letter to employer, you can find one here. This one is short and simple letter you can use.

May 15, 2020


Harold Lee

Raymond Company

Field 8, St

Anthony, GH, 2019


Dear Mr. Lee,

This is the letter to inform you that I am terminating my employment with Raymond Company. I have made the decision purely on my own, without any force from anyone. It has been a difficult year and I have decided to quit.

The reason why I can no longer work at Raymond Company is because I have been quite unwell for some times and I would like to focus on my health and move back to my parents’ house in the UK for better medication treatment.

Hence, it is impossible to work in Raymond Company anymore as the company does not have any branch in the UK and/or allowing the employee to work remotely from home. It has been delightful working at Raymond Company and I have been here nearly for a decade.

I wish everyone well and I would like to speak to the Human Resources Department soon.



Helen Finn


When you do love your job, it will always hard to leave the job for any reason. However, you can make it easier by writing a heartfelt letter like the one displayed above. Use the termination letter to employer example as the template to write your own letter, and you can quit the job with ease.


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