Guide to Write Letter of Appreciation for Job Well Done

Guide to Write Letter of Appreciation for Job Well Done

Whether it is inside or outside workplace, it’s always nice to receive compliments over a good job. At work, it’s encouraged to express gratitude as a form of admiration for someone’s dedication. Letter of appreciation for job well done is something that can be written both by manager and by coworkers. Read below how you can create the best genuine and professional compliments for another staff.

68 Letter of Appreciation for Job Well Done

How Do You Acknowledge A Job Well Done?

It is one thing to acknowledge oneself of doing a great job over their work, but it is another to hear it from other person, especially someone in higher job position. Appreciation is a way to let the worker know that their accomplishment is seen and valued. Receiving recognition may drive the employees to deliver good results in the upcoming future.

How Do You Write a Letter of Appreciation?

Below are some tips to write a proper letter of appreciation for job well done:

  • Write out sincere appreciation and gratitude: There is no need to impress by writing a lot, just choose the best few words to represent your feeling
  • State in details what is being appreciated from the employee: Let the recipient know the specific work or accomplishment that brings positive effect to the company
  • Express it genuinely: Genuine compliments will boost repeated actions

How Do You Praise Someone Professionally?

Outside of work environment, compliments may be crafted to sound more casual. However, inside workplace, it must be polite and formal. It is also necessary to consider the appropriate place and time to give compliment to other employees.

How Do You Thank Your Team for Hard Work?

Sending a letter, especially a handwritten one, might sound really outdated. However, letter is the best way to show your appreciation sincerely. By choosing to write a letter instead of a short note, you are able to give praise and complements in a more elaborate way. The act will show how much effort you put in order to acknowledge their great works and make them feel special.

Sample of Appreciation Letters To Employees

Below is an example of appreciation letter that sent to employee which you may use as reference:


Dear Ms. Robinson,

I write this letter in behalf of TrueSphere Ltd., especially the marketing team, with a hope to express our genuine appreciation of your great effort during last week conference.

We sincerely appreciate you for every single work you’ve done, not only for the last time, but also for all the years you’ve committed your service to this company. Thank you for all the hours that you’ve dedicated to make this company a better place that provides better services.

We truly pride your commitment, hard work, and professionalism in each project you’ve handled. Thank you again for all the given contribution and we put a trust on you for the future.

Yours Sincerely,

Linda McKellen


Even a simple act like writing and sending letter of appreciation for job well done can mean so much for the recipient. It may drive them to put even more effort on the upcoming endeavor of the business.



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