How to Write a Faculty Recommendation Letter with Example

How to Write a Faculty Recommendation Letter with Example

When students or young professionals are going to apply for education or job, they might be requested to submit faculty recommendation letter. The letter is used as reference for their academic life, so it should be written effectively to emphasize their personal skills and attributes, which make them attractive as potential students with sufficient qualifications.

27 Faculty Recommendation Letter

What Is a Faculty Recommendation?

This letter is a written document that lays out the academic characters, goals, and achievements of certain student. It is written by someone who has plenty of evidence upon the student’s ability such as teacher, coach, school counselors, school administrators, or organizer for club they are a part of. The purpose is to suggest about how the student is suitable for the new school or career.

How Do I Write a Letter of Recommendation for a Faculty?

Follow the steps below to guide to you write recommendation letter:

  • Write out salutation for the recipient
  • Write short introduction
  • Write the outline of qualification of the recommended person
  • Explain in detail about what’s impressive about the recommended person
  • Wrap the letter up with positive endorsement
  • Write your contact details

Who Should I Ask for a Letter of Recommendation?

Ask someone who you think would be a good reference for you such as teacher or guidance counselor. It’s also a good idea to ask from recommendation from someone who has current perspective of you instead of someone from the past. People outside school such as adviser who knows about your strengths could also be a good choice.

How Long Should a Recommendation Letter Be?

Faculty recommendation letter shouldn’t be too short because it’d suggest that the endorsing person doesn’t know you well. However, it is also recommended to keep the letter focused and concise so it shouldn’t excess a single page. In general, three to four paragraphs are considered as proper length.

Example of Recommendation Letter

Here is a sample of academic recommendation letter if you ever need a guide to write one:


Dear (Recipient’s name)

With this letter, I intend to present you a recommendation for Emma Robinson as the pupil under your guidance. Currently, Ms. Robinson is finishing her research under my guidance, but she would very much benefit with your supervision as her topic of study relates on your field.

Ms. Robinson is someone who gives huge dedication to her study. She has strong sense of determination and responsibility. Moreover, she has admirable passion in her specific research, while being able to balance with her current other works outside academy.

I am more than sure that the coming of Ms. Robinson would give great addition to the faculty of yours. In case for any information further, please contact me through phone call or e-mail as attached.


(Your name)

(Your position)


To get an idea about how to format the faculty recommendation letter, you may want to look at the template. That way, you get a sense on how to do the parts, such as the introduction and the body paragraphs.


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