Teacher Recommendation Letter Example and the Needed Information

Teacher Recommendation Letter Example and the Needed Information

A teacher recommendation letter is written by principal of a school or someone in an institution to recommend the colleagues. Usually, someone asks for a teacher recommendation when they are looking for private teacher or tutors, or when they do the home schooling programs. This is the information about the letter that you should know.

93 Teacher Recommendation Letter

How Do You Write a Recommendation Letter for a Teacher?

Writing a recommendation letter for a teacher is just like writing all types of letter. You have to:

  • Write the letter properly, using the right structure and clear language
  • Explain the skill and achievement of the recommended teacher briefly
  • Insert the contact of the teacher in the letter

What is a Good Teacher Recommendation Letter?

A good letter of recommendation is written by someone who knows the teacher both personally and professionally so that they do understand that the teacher will be suitable to teach children or anyone that they intended to.

Do Teachers Write Letters of Recommendation?

Usually teachers do not write their own recommendation. Principals or their peers are writing them instead. If you have to write your own recommendation letter, though, make it looks like a proposal instead.

How Long Should a Teacher Recommendation Letter Be?

The letter should not be too long. Four to five paragraph is enough to explain the capacity of the teacher and why you are recommendation them to the family.

Sample of Teacher Recommendation Letter

For those who have never written teacher recommendation letter before and need an example, this is the example that they can use:


October 1, 2020


Amanda Hudson

Tallman 6 St,

Georgia, GJ, 21927


Dear Mrs. Hudson,

I am writing to you this letter to inform you that we have accepted your request for a private music tutor for your 9-year-old daughter. With this letter, I am recommending Ms. Emma Davis as the candidate for the music tutor.

Ms. Davis has been working in this school for more than a decade and I personally and professionally know her. She is very hard working, gentle with children and most of all she is a great musician herself.

I believe that Ms. Davis is an expert in piano. She can also play violin and several other major music instruments, including guitars. She can also sing professionally, making her a vocal coach as well.

Employing Ms. Davis as the private music tutor for your daughter should be a grand idea and I believe that your daughter will have a blast learning music from Ms. Davis.

If you need to contact Ms. Davis, you can phone her at (271)2810-1387 or you can also contact me at this address written in this letter.


Thank you


Jonah Matthew


Baynton Music School


When writing the letter, make sure you know the recommended person well. It is like endorsing that person to the intended family, and you do not want to ruin their reputation as well as yours. Use the teacher recommendation letter example above to write the letter properly.


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