No Call No Show Termination Letter Samples

No Call No Show Termination Letter Samples

Are you currently looking for how to write a no call no show termination letter? If you do, you have come to the right place. Below is the example of the letter that you can use.

34 No Call No Show Termination Letter

Is a No Call No Show Quitting?

Yes, in most companies, an employee will be terminated if they failed to turn up at work for 3 days in a row without calling or giving a proper reason behind the absent.


How Do You Write a No Call No Termination Letter?

Writing the letter is going to be quite conflicting, especially for those who have to do that. To make sure there is no hard feeling afterward, the letter should be written in this way.

  • Use proper language
  • State the reason behind the firing and show the date of the no call no show
  • Explain that the company will pay the final paycheck
  • Explain that the decision is done professionally


Can An Employer Fire You for No Call No Show?

Yes. The only one that can terminate someone from their job is their supervisor. They have to write the no call no show termination letter to terminate the employee. The human resources department also has the right to do the same.


What Do I Do If I Accidentally No Call No Show?

The only thing you can do is probably to contact the supervisor or the Human Resources Department in person as soon as possible. Give them clear reason why you cannot turn up for the job and it will prevent you from receiving the no call no show termination letter.


Sample of No Call No Show Termination Letter

This is the example of the no call no show letter that you can use in the professional business:


August 1, 2020


Jessica Vere

Lively 6 St,

Georgeville, HA, 2719


Dear Jessica,


I am sending you this letter to inform you that you are now officially terminated from your job at Jackson Clothing and Style. The reason behind the termination is because you have failed to show up at work for 3 days straight (29 July, 30 July and 31 July). We have not received any words from you since.


We considered this action as “no call no show” and your supervisor had even tried to contact you but apparently your mobile phone is turned off. We do hope that you are in good condition despite of the worrying circumstances.


However, our company policy strictly states that if an employee fails to show up at work for three days straight without any proper reason, they will get terminated immediately. I am sorry that we have to do the same to you.


We will make sure you receive your final payment and everything on your right. Please contact me as soon as possible after you receive this letter.



Margaret Tate

Human Resources Department

Jackson Clothing and Style


By writing the no call no show termination letter above, it is effectively end the employment of someone in the company. It is a serious letter, and you should really consider writing the letter carefully.


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