Writing the Going Back to School Resignation Letter

Writing the Going Back to School Resignation Letter

A going back to school resignation letter is written by someone to their boss or supervisor informing them that they have to quit their job. The reason for the resignation is because they are going back to school to pursue further education. This is the example of the letter, and there will be several explanations related to the letter as well.

206 Going Back to School Resignation Letter

How Do I Tell My Boss I Quit to Go Back to School?

There are several steps you need to take in order to inform the boss. They are:

  • Find out the resignation policy in the company
  • Pen a proper going back to school resignation letterto the boss or human resources department
  • Finish all duties and responsibilities before leaving

Can You Change Your Mind after You Resign?

Usually you cannot really change your mind after sending the resignation letter, especially when the boss or the human resources department has approved your request to quit the job. Make sure that you do want to leave the job before sending the letter.

How Do I Resign a Gracefully Letter?

Resign gracefully means you leave the job holding your head high. You have solid reason for the resignation and you are not doing anything wrong to make you quit. When your reason is as solid as going back to school, any letter will be fine.

Can You Back Date a Resignation Letter?

You can but it is not suggestible. Simply write the actual date when you write the letter. It won’t give you any problem, including when your company has two week notice policy. Do not forge the letter just to pursue the right date.

Sample of Going Back to School Resignation Letter

One of the examples of the letters is below:

September 16, 2020


Daniel Huang

Human Resources Department

Tammy Groceries

Indiana 6 St,

Jameson, YD, 2103


Dear Mr. Huang,

This is my resignation letter. I would like to inform you that I have decided to resign from my job as clerk in Tammy Groceries. The main reason for my resignation is because I am about to go back to school to purchase my Master’s Degree.

I do have a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and recently I managed to get a scholarship in Denver University. The classes will begin in January 2021 but I need time to prepare everything, including relocating to a flat closer to the university.

This is why I have to leave my job. It is honestly very hard for me to leave because I love working here at Tammy Groceries. I wish everyone here well and I give you my words that I will finish all my duties and responsibilities before my last day at work, which is going to be on September 30, 2020.



Tiana Eric


Educations are important. This is why you should be able to take every opportunity offered to you when it comes to education. The letter of going back to school resignation letter above needs to be written as soon as possible when you get the chance.




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