How to Start Voluntary Resignation Letter from Employer?

How to Start Voluntary Resignation Letter from Employer?

It is a bit uncommon to know that someone in prestigious position to step down from their job. Well, everyone has a reason to resign. Whatever the reason might be, it is great to write a notice beforehand that helps the company to manage the process of their leaving. Writing the notice or voluntary resignation letter from employer can show that you are also subject to the company rules.

183 Voluntary Resignation Letter from Employer

What is a Voluntary Resignation?

Voluntary resignation means any resignation or employment termination that’s resulted from the worker’s own intention. However, this isn’t caused by disability, early retirement, retirement, or death. This can be done by all kinds of workers, including the employer itself.

How Do I Write a Voluntary Resignation Letter?

Actually, the format will be the same as any resignation letters. So, you will need to start it by mentioning clearly about your resignation and the effective date of it. Following that, make a recommendation for someone who you think able to take over your position in the company. Give your contact number/email to help them reach you easily. Then, sign off nicely by showing your gratitude.

Do You Give Resignation Letter to HR or Manager?

Keep in mind you should send voluntary resignation letter from employer not to the CEO or the company’s owner. If you are a manager yourself, you can address the letter to the HR Manager. If you are still a subsidiary, then the letter is addressed to a superior in your line.

Should You Include a Reason in a Resignation Letter?

In many cases, it is fine to leave the letter without giving any reasons. However, in several circumstances like moving abroad or decided to resign for parenting, you can disclose your reason to resign.

Voluntary Resignation Letter from Employer Sample

Dear Mrs. Angeline,

I am writing this letter to inform and confirm my resignation from my position as General Manager of Starplus Entertainment. You might have heard that I recently made up my mind to step down from the managerial position. My last day of work will be December 30 2020; therefore, I hope this letter can also serve as my official two-week resignation notice.

Within these two weeks, I will work my best to ease the transition, as well as doing the undone responsibilities in order to get it done punctually. I am also planning to train my assistant manager, so that he will be ready to take over the duties. I will appreciate if you want to have person-to-person dialogue with me regarding this matter. I can be reached by phone at (778) 909098 or email

Managing Starplus Entertainment has been the greatest and the most unforgettable part of my career path. I appreciate the patience, cooperation, and of course, the friendship everyone here offered to me. Thanks to those aspects, I was able to keep my performance up. I will miss Starplus Entertainment after I leave and I wish you and the team continuous joy and success.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation regarding this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Edbert J. Rodriguez

General Manager

Starplus Entertainment


Even staff in a prestigious position – let’s say, a general manager, has to comply the rules. Therefore, the resignation should also be preceded by submitting a voluntary resignation letter from employer. That can be said as a righteous way to resign as most companies will require their staff to write a notice before resigning from work.



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