Important Things You Should Know about UCLA Appeal Letter

Important Things You Should Know about UCLA Appeal Letter

Getting accepted in the campus you want is more than just a blessing, especially if you have done all your best to study there. However, the chances of getting rejected due to the admission team’s mistake are not zero. If you happen to apply for UCLA and that happens to you, you might want to appeal after getting the decision. To begin, you should write UCLA appeal letter.

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Can You Appeal UCLA Decision?

Yes, you can. UCLA does not put aside the chance to receive appeals related to student’s admission. However, despite the very low number of reversed decisions, people keep sending their appeals just in case the acceptance decision is possible to reverse.

How Do I Write an Appeal Letter to UCLA?

To write a UCLA appeal letter, you need to remember that this letter needs to be written in formal style. When writing this letter, you ought to be straight to the point and mention your appeal. If any, you can provide evidence as well.

How Long Should an Appeal Letter Be?

Well, there is no certain limit on the total pages you can use. However, it is always advised not to make it wordy and lengthy. Therefore, keeping your letter 1-2 pages long is acceptable.

How Do You Write a Good Appeal Letter?

To write a good appeal letter, you need to write with the format as follows:

  • Opening statement. This will contain the purpose of the letter in a clear way.
  • Include the detail of the appeal. Make it detailed but don’t dramatize the content letter.
  • Provide documentation/evidence needed to support your appeal.
  • Sign off. Don’t forget to express your gratitude for the time to reconsider your appeal.

UCLA Appeal Letter Sample

Dear UCLA Admission team,

I write this letter with an intention to let you know that the office has confused my transcripts with another applicant’s whose name is same to mine; which resulting in my UCLA fall semester application rejection. I noticed this after I got the rejection letter. The receiver’s name is Sara Miyawaki, but the high school is written as ‘ABC High School’.

I want to confirm that the name is same to mine, but I am not a student of ABC High School. As a matter of fact, the GPA of Sara Miyawaki on the rejection letter is also different than mine. In addition, the SAT score is different than what I got. I do not know what causes this to happen, but to support my appeal statement, I enclosed the legalized copy of my high school transcript and SAT score transcript.

I hope both of these attachments can help you to reconsider the rejection, since my score is higher than what it mentioned in the rejection letter. Two days ago, I spoke with an admission officer representative named Mr. Mozart. He told me to write a letter addressed to the admission team along with the required attachments.

Following this letter, I also submit another application. Hopefully with this new application there will be no such circumstances anymore. I will be glad to attend a person-in-person talk regarding this matter. I look forward to hearing good news from UCLA soon.

Sincerely yours,

Sara Miyawaki


That is how to write a UCLA appeal letter. To sum it up, you ought to write this letter in a formal tone. Aside from that, don’t forget not to use slang words, write lengthy and ambiguous sentences, as well as making error-free letter.


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