How to Write Resignation Letter Due to Family Reasons

How to Write Resignation Letter Due to Family Reasons

Amongst various reasons that caused employees to resign from their position, one of the hardest to deal with is a family situation. If you have to encounter this specific issue this time, read how you can craft a proper resignation letter due to family reasons through the guide below.

99 Resignation Letter Due to Family Reasons

How Do I Resign Due to Family Reasons?

Prior to making a decision to resign because of family circumstances, it’s a good idea to see if you’re eligible to take work time off instead based on the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). You might find yourself under a situation where you have right to take unpaid leave instead of turning for resignation.

However, if resignation is the sole alternative you have, but you’d be more than pleased to be able to return after the problem is solved, then it is worth to mention it within the letter.

How Do I Write A Resignation Letter Due to Family Issues?

Whether you want to write the reason of resignation in detail or not, you still have to include the components below:

The last day and date of your work, preferably with two-week notice

Appreciation of the time during your work in the company

Transition details to new person for your position

Your contact details in case someone needs your help or support during the transition period.

What Is A Good Reason for Resigning?

Here are some of the most reasonable excuses to leave a job:

Change of career

Restructuring of organization

Family or personal health circumstances

Better opportunity

Do I have to explain why I’m resigning?

Not surprisingly, it is difficult for most employees to turning in resignation due to personal reasons. It’s hard to decide how to tell the news and how much information should be shared with employer in resignation letter due to family reasons. However, it’s not necessary to go extremely detailed with the explanation, just state that you’re leaving due to family or personal reasons in simple way.

Letter of Resignation Sample Due to Family Reasons

Below is a sample of letter resigning for family reasons in formal business format.


Dear Mr. Hart,

I’m composing this letter to let you know that I should leave the company by the end of next month. I unfortunately have a difficult situation related to my family and I have no choice but to give full attention over the problem – which unable me to serve for the company.

I’m extremely sorry if this decision has caused you and the business any inconvenience. However, I’ll still be available for the several weeks ahead to help you find someone to replace me and I promise I’ll do my best to take care and train them.

I thank you a lot for your understanding. My experience in this company has been nothing but valuable, so I wish my resignation won’t affect relationship between us.


Randy Gilmore


You may use resignation letter due to family reasons sample above to help you navigate the resignation process. It also helps so you can leave the company while stay in the good term.


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