Important Aspects to Write Club Resignation Letter

Important Aspects to Write Club Resignation Letter

No matter of how much you love and passionate about the club you’re in, sometimes quitting apart is unavoidable. Being a club member is not a paid activity like job, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the resignation less seriously. Therefore, consider sending a club resignation letter when the time finally approaches.

1 Club Resignation Letter

How Do You Gracefully Resign from A Club?

To write a proper letter for resigning from a club, follow tips below:

  • Keep it polite and simple without bringing personal issue.
  • Make the letter brief by explaining why you won’t be able to join the club anymore or any other reason behind your resignation.
  • Maintain positive tone throughout the letter even if your reason to live the club may not be.

How Do I Resign From A Club Committee?

Treating your position in club or any non-formal organization with professional and serious manner is important, because only then you can ensure to put out your responsibility well. If you intend to quite the club, make sure that you give notice in advance and offer your help to find suitable person to replace you if possible.

How Do I Write A Letter Of Resignation to A Club?

Here are the components that you have to include in the letter:

  1. The date when you’re finally going to leave the club.
  2. Brief explanation about the reason why you should quit.
  3. Gratitude and continuing wished for the club’s success.
  4. Offer for your help if you have time do so.

Can You Resign From A Volunteer Job?

A club, especially one that’s centered on volunteer work, can be exhausting. If you are no longer capable to perform your duty there, then maybe it is the best to resign from the organization for you and the volunteer club itself.

Sample of Resignation Letter for Club

Read the following example of club resignation letter:

Dear Ms. Martinez,

With a deep regret I should inform about my resignation from the Paradise Gardening Club. I will follow my family to move into Ohio at the end of the year, therefore, I’d no longer be able to attend the weekly meeting that held by the club.

I am so proud if this club and how it brings out the positive side of me. I took a deep liking into gardening, which is honestly not something that I think would bring me so much joy before. I also feel so proud of the funds that the club raised through various events.

I want to express my great gratitude for you personally, because you’ve helped me to improve my gardening skill over the last year and a half. I won’t move out officially until two weeks from now, so I’d be more than happy if there’s anything I can help before the date. Please feel free to contact me through email or phone call if you need something to ask.


Mandy Hughes


Being in the club may bring you positive things and more value to your resume, depending on its type. Sending a proper club resignation letter can ensure that you maintain good relation with people within the organization.



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