How to Write a Postdoc Application Letter with Sample

How to Write a Postdoc Application Letter with Sample

A letter for a postdoc position is used to draw the attention of the recruiting individual by highlighting your adequacy for the announced opportunity. A well-drafted postdoc application letter is able to tell the recruiting board that you are interested in a postdoc position. It will encourage them to include you in a list of qualified applicants.

19 Postdoc Application Letter

How Do I Write a Cover Letter for a Postdoctoral Application?

To have a well-written letter, the following information should be included in your letter.

  • Start the letter like a professional letter with the date, name, and business address of the job advertiser
  • Elaborate on the purpose of writing the letter in the opening paragraph
  • Highlight your credentials and show how they will benefit this particular project in the body paragraphs
  • Write that you have attached your resume and other documents in the last paragraph. Once you have drafted your letter, ask your mentor to evaluate it for you.

How Do I Write a Personal Letter for a Postdoctoral Application?

To land in the position you apply for, you should describe all your relevant accomplishments and competence in your postdoc application letter. Take advantage of this opportunity to show that you are qualified for the position.

How Do I Write a Postdoctoral Email?

When you wish to send your postdoc application, you should mention your name: postdoc application or the subject’s position. If you submit the letter under a funding program, then write “application for a postdoctoral position: under Brown program.” An exact subject will clear what you’re seeking.

How Do You Write a Good Postdoctoral for a Cover Letter?

Here is the format to write a perfect postdoctoral application letter:

  • Use the right format for postdoc cover letter
  • Create a professional header
  • Open the letter with a formal greeting and eye-grabbing opening paragraph
  • Showcase that you’re the qualified applicant they are looking for and explain the reason you want this position

Postdoc Application Letter Example

To help you write postdoc application, below is the sample you can use as a reference.


Dear [the name of the recipient],

I am [your first and last name], a Ph.D. candidate in the [mention the name of your major] of the [the name of your university, which is under the supervision of [the name of your mentor]. I am about to finish my doctoral study, which is about implementing different XXX approaches for the issue of XXX. I am currently looking for a postdoc opportunity relevant to my area of expertise.

I have studied your current studies and projects and noticed a significant research theme in XXX and YYY. I am interested in your XXX and YYY topics, and I found your publications that utterly focus on XXX and YYY.

Therefore, I am interested to know if there is an open postdoctoral position on similar topics at your lab. I have attached my resume for your view. I also welcome the possibility to discuss the opportunities in a meeting. Thank you for your time.


[Your signature and your name]


Once you have drafted your postdoc application letter, make sure to ask your supervisors to get it reviewed. They might have some hiring experiences and give you the valuable suggestions.


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