Writing Proper Resignation Letter Due to Hostile Work Environment

Writing Proper Resignation Letter Due to Hostile Work Environment

As unfortunate as it is, sometimes it’s possible to find yourself to work in toxic environment, whether it’s case by cliquey colleagues, terrible boss, bullying attitude, absence of proper communication, or irrational expectations over you. These all could lead into the wish to leave by sending resignation letter due to hostile work environment.

24 Resignation Letter Due to Hostile Work Environment

How Do I Resign from a Toxic Work Environment?

Before you decide to turn the letter in, you need to know the ways to protect yourself in case legal action would take place. Here are some of the available options:

  • State your wish to resign honestly
  • Keep documented notes
  • Communicate with HR department
  • Reach a lawyer

How Do You Prove a Hostile Work Environment for Unemployment?

You may want to start documenting journal, which include the details of event such as time and date, the perpetrator, your own response, and witnesses if any. That way, you’d be able to provide physical trail to support the case. Discuss with your supervisor or manager by describing the unhealthy working situations that you currently experience.

What Is Considered an Unhealthy Work Environment?

Hostile working environment could be an impactful source of stress both for the employees and employers. It affects individuals on personal and professional level.

Here are some of the unhealthy working environment characteristics:

  • Poor communication
  • Corrupt or unprofessional behavior
  • Strained relationship between staffs or with leader
  • Penal policies or practices

When Should I Quit My Job Due to Stress?

If you have put out effort to change environment in workplace but it doesn’t give desired result, then maybe it’s time to build strategy to leave. This process involves updating resume, looking for job opportunity, and others. You also have to start planning the departure before leaving for other job.

Resignation Letter Sample Due to Unhealthy Work Environment

Take a look at the example of resignation letter due to hostile work environment in the following:


Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. (Name)

With a deep regret, I should notify you of my decision through this letter. I have decided to resign from my position as technical administrator at the Neo Vision Consultants in couple of weeks from today.

The last six months has been very difficult for me, with the new manager. It is unfortunate that our polarizing view regarding work has been creating plenty of debate events in the eye of the public. The manager has caused disagreements in the office and there are a lot of occasions in which he straight up insulting employees, including me, who shows opposition to him.

I should mention that my time here has given me many lessons that I’m thankful for, both the positive and negative. It is in my best judgment that making resignation move might be good for me. Thank you for your consideration in advance.


(Your name)


While the resignation letter due to hostile work environment should highlight your unsettling condition, it should remain to be polite and professional. It’s best to avoid making the circumstances worse than it already is.


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