How to Write an Academic Dismissal Appeal Letter for College

How to Write an Academic Dismissal Appeal Letter for College

Some of the students might have at least once endured disappointment after unjust treatment the college made about them. In this case, a student should write an academic dismissal appeal letter. The best choice is always to have a direct meeting with the authorities.

46 Academic Dismissal Appeal Letter

What is an Academic Appeal?

An academic appeal is a process that allows you to seek a new decision regarding the academic conditions you are experiencing. A face-to-face meeting with the authorities can sometimes be difficult to arrange; thus, it’s essential to know how to write an effective academic appeal letter.

How Do You Write an Academic Appeal?

Here are the tips for writing an academic dismissal appeal letter as it is not an uncommon issue for a student:

  • Apart from following the proper formatting, you should also put your appeal letter in a persuasive tone
  • Check your college policies
  • Elaborate your situation and what you want to appeal on the body paragraph
  • Include documentation related to the cause for your academic issues

How Do You Write a Successful Academic Appeal Letter?

In addition to the technical elements, your opening statement should clearly state the reason you’re writing the letter. Also, be as honest as possible regarding the situations you’re experiencing without dramatizing them.

How Long Should an Appeal Letter Be?

You don’t have any limit on the number of pages you are writing. However, it’s always a great idea to attempt and keep your appeal letter to one or two pages, although you have a lot of stuff to put in your appeal.

The Sample of Academic Dismissal Appeal Letter

Below is a sample of an academic appeal letter that explains the student’s situation and requests an opportunity to return to school.



Dear Dr. Maurier,

My name is Will Graham, and I am a regular third-year student at Ivy University, pursuing a Bachelor of English Literature.  I am writing this in response to the dismissal order I received on March 2, 2013. The reason for issuing this notification is my low grades in semester 4.

I am aware of the college policies and understand that I am eligible to take academic leave. I would like to state that my low grades were not due to the lack of enthusiasm in the studies. Nor was it some sort of delay in studying. I have been busy throughout the semester due to my participation in state and national competitions.

I am aware that my studies should not have been affected by these competitions, and it is my fault that I was incapable of managing the time properly. Due to the hectic schedule, I could not attend the classes and complete my assignments. I understand that the responsibility of my academic performance was the only mine that I proved a disappointment to myself.

I apologize for my poor academic performance and request you to grant me one more chance to prove my worth next semester.


Will Graham


Once you finished writing your academic dismissal appeal letter, have someone else read it for you to know if there is any spelling error that you can fix.


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