Announcing a New Employee by Writing a New Employee Announcement Letter

Announcing a New Employee by Writing a New Employee Announcement Letter

Moving process and having to work for a new company are two common processes in someone’s working life. If you happen to be a supervisor, or someone with high position in your office, then sometimes you will need to write a new employee announcement letter in order to introduce a new addition to your team’s company.

84 New Employee Announcement Letter

How Do You Write an Announcement for New Employee?

To write an announcement which serves as a new employee announcement, you need to be direct while writing the announcement. Make it concise, and deliver a friendly-professional tone as you are delivering positive news.

Can You Write a New Employee Announcement through Email?

Yes, you can! You can announce the new addition to the team via email. But keep in mind that if you decide to announce it by sending an email, someone who doesn’t check his/her email often may miss it. To have the announcement printed will help to reach public easier, especially if you place it on a seen-by-many board.

Do I Need to Write This Letter to Each Individual?

No, you don’t have to. It is because this letter is more like a memo that is shown to public, not a personal letter sent from someone in authority to their subsidiaries.

What is the Format of New Employee Announcement Letter?

Below is the format of new employee announcement letter.

  • Write the date, sender, receiver, and subject. You may skip writing these if you want to deliver the announcement via email.
  • Begin with formal heading – show who the new person is
  • Include his past experiences, educational background or any related information.
  • Lastly, add a call to action to welcome the new addition for the company

New Employee Announcement Sample

January 8, 2021

From: David Sullivan, Regional Vice President

To: All employees at Mega Department Store, Indianapolis, IN.

Subject: Mr. Ed Rodriguez is hired as Store Manager

Dear all staff of Mega Department Store,

It is with a great pleasure to announce that the store manager position, which was vacant for a short term, has been filled. Mr. Ed Rodriguez will be appointed to be the new manager for our Indianapolis Mega Department Store. Mr. Rodriguez will be on duty starting from January 11, 2021; and he is in-charge to replace Mrs. Anne Phoenix which was retiring due to her deteriorating health conditions.

Mr. Rodriguez has been working with our company since 2009. During his time working for our company, he has served many different positions, starting from an entry-level and gradually paving his way as someone who has tried working in many departments. With his rich experience, I believe that he will manage the Indianapolis department store well.

In addition, his professional experience is also fueled by his excellent educational background. He was graduated from Yale University, majoring in Master’s Degree of Business Administration.

I believe that choosing Mr. Rodriguez for the job is a great choice which will help not only the Indianapolis department store to develop, but also the company. As an ending sentence, please join us to make him feel welcomed for his arrival.

Sincerely yours,

David Sullivan

Regional Vice President


That is how to make a new employee announcement letter. Although its name is ‘new employee letter’, it is safe to say that this letter can be written in order to welcome someone who is recently moved to your office. For such condition, writing this letter will be just like the sample written above.







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