Dental Insurance Appeal Letter Information and Example

Dental Insurance Appeal Letter Information and Example

Writing dental insurance appeal letter has to be done when there is something happening with your teeth, and you need medical help. Insurance protecting the dental health is always needed as the expenses for that are so high. You have to understand the letter to claim the insurance, or to appeal for the insurance.

149 Dental Insurance Appeal Letter

What Should I Write In an Insurance Appeal Letter?

There are several things that you have to write in the letter, including:

  • What happens to the teeth?
  • Where will you get them fixed?
  • How much money you need for the treatment?

How do You Write a Strong Appeal Letter?

For insurance, the appeal letter must be based on a strong claim. You have to prove that the accident with the teeth is real. It can be proven by doctor’s letter or by video tape recording, if any. This is why you have to prepare for them earlier.

How do I Appeal a Dental Insurance Claim?

Writing the letter is the first step. Then, you have to bring the documentation or paperwork from the hospital to the insurance company. The letter should be used to claim your money or at least they will give partial part of the whole amount of money you spend in the hospital.

How do You Write a Letter of Appeal for a Heartfelt?

You do not need to write a heartfelt letter for the insurance as they only need the legal paperwork. Write the letter just the way it is, explaining why you need the insurance to cover the payment.

Sample of Dental Insurance Appeal Letter

This is the dental insurance appeal letter example. It has the straightforward structure and it can be used anytime:


June 28, 2020

Glen Johnson

Tomshow 7 St,

Jerhire, UG, 2910


Dear Mr. Johnson,

This letter is my appeal to my dental insurance. Yesterday, I have an accident and I broke my front tooth. I have made an appointment to have it fixed by tomorrow. I would to make sure that the dental insurance of mine will be able to cover all the expenses to fix my broken front tooth.

I plan to fix my teeth in Howard Dental Hospital and I have checked with the administration staff that insurances are allowed to cover up the expenses. They have estimated that the process of fixing my broken front tooth will cost around $2,000-$2,500.

I hope that my insurance can be used tomorrow and I would be glad to provide any types of documents and forms needed for the claim. Thank you very much and I do hope that tomorrow I can contact you in person.




Gilbert Garcia


Those are the best things you have to understand about the letter. Write it properly, and you will be able to claim for the insurance for sure. Use the example of dental insurance appeal letter above, and it will give the right idea of how to claim the insurance with ease. That’s why everyone should know how to write the letter.




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