A Professional Nurse Reference Letter and Its Sample

A Professional Nurse Reference Letter and Its Sample

When you apply for a new nursing job, some health care facilities may request a reference letter. The letter may be included in the recruitment process, or the employer may ask for it after conducting an interview. A nurse reference letter is able to make the applicant more stand out among the other candidates.

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Is a Recommendation Letter Same as Reference Letter?

A letter of recommendation is written to support the application of the candidate for a particular position, scholarship, or other opportunities. Meanwhile, the reference letter is used to offer general support for the applicant’s personality, abilities, and experience.

Who Should Write a Reference Letter for a Nursing?

A letter of reference for a nursing position should be written by a nurse manager or medical supervisor who knows specifically your clinical expertise. It can also be written by a faculty member, professor, or mentor who can provide their knowledge regarding your academic credentials.

How Many Reference Letters Do You Need for a Nursing?

It’s important to understand that health care facilities receive a lot of nursing applications, so every candidate needs to have more than one reference letter from credible sources. It’s also crucial to choose a person who is able to speak well for your job performance and your previous experience in the field of nursing.

How to Write a Reference Letter for a Nurse?

To make your nurse reference letter more stand out, here are the key tips you need to keep in mind:

  • Write a strong opening paragraph that consists of an explanation to clarify who you are, your relationship with the candidate, and what your position is.
  • Rather than listing the skills and qualifications of the nurse, it would be best to describe their specific skills instead.
  • To convince the employer that the applicant is the best candidate, consider providing relevant examples that point out the nurse’s skills
  • End the letter with a strong summing-up.

The Sample of a Nurse Reference Letter

Dear Administrator Gord

It is with great pleasure that I write a letter of reference for Amanda Brown for a nursing position at your facility. I am the head nurse at Green Peace Hospital where Amanda worked for the past two years. I have witnessed how she performed her duty at our facility and made a positive impression on the rest of the staff.

She was aware of her ability at building great communication with the patients. She was also extremely responsible. Amanda is always ready and willing to take care of others. On several occasions, she would willingly take care of patients that she had formed a close bond.

Amanda also has excellent computer abilities. She was also willing to take on an authority role when the nursing supervisor was treating a patient on another floor. She was also very proficient in the requisite paperwork.

We always wished that Amanda would have remained in our facility as a full-time nurse. However, her life’s path brought her to other places and we always wish her the best. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.

Best Regards,

Mary Coulton

Head Nurse

That’s how to write a nurse reference letter. While there are a couple of methods to compose a reference letter, but the skills and qualifications of the applicant in relation to nursing should always be included.




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