Important Items to be Included in Sick Leave Letter

Important Items to be Included in Sick Leave Letter

You wake up, and you are very aware that your health condition makes you unable to report to work. Telling supervisor that you can’t get to work is terrifying though the office doesn’t have a strict policy. Therefore, it’s important to write a sick leave letter. It will help you, and your company has a written record regarding your sick leave.

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How Do You Write a Sick Leave Letter?

The followings are the important items you need to include in your sick leave letter:

  • Provide relevant causes for your absence and how long you won’t be able to attend the class or work
  • Mention that you are always available to communicate
  • Clearly state whether or not you will be able to work or attend the class
  • Include the doctor’s note and other medical documentation

How Do I Write a Sick Leave to My Supervisor?

First and foremost, you need to follow the policy for absence in your company, or you can just go with your supervisor’s favored communication method. Also, make sure to send the letter as early as possible. In the opening paragraph, you can just directly mention your incapability to attend the office due to the illness.

How Do I Write a Sick Leave to School?

Compose the letter in a polite tone, which explains your request for sick leave and sounding sincere. You should also clearly provide the reason why you are appealing for sick leave, the period of your absence, and your contact information.

How Do You Write a Sick Email?

As already mentioned above, you should send the email regarding your sick leave as early as possible. Make sure to include a straightforward subject and let your boss know your availability. You can also clarify whether or not it will be paid.

The Sample of a Sick Leave Letter

Below is the sample of a letter you can use as a reference if you were feeling unwell and unable to attend the class or report to work:

Dear Mr. Verger

I am writing this letter to let you know that I am incapable of coming to the office today. I have been feeling unwell since yesterday and only saw a doctor this morning. They diagnosed me with a severe larynx infection and prescribed medication that will last for five days.

A letter from my physician confirms that I need the time to fully recover without putting myself or my colleagues’ health at risk. I apologize for any inconvenience due to my absence from the office. However, I should be able to check my email and complete come work, including several projects that I haven’t completed until I come back to work. I believe I could do my best to catch up on any project I missed during my leave when I return on July 22.

Let me know if you need further medical documents from my doctor. Should there be any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you for your consideration.


Abel Ackles


When you write a sick leave letter to supervisor, you can also mention your co-worker’s name, who will take over your current works, so your boss knows who to approach for inquiries about the jobs.


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